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The Success Rates To Expect From Emailing Campaigns


The Success Rates To Expect From Emailing Campaigns

When setting up an email campaign to send the latest information about your business to your clients, members or the subscribers to your mailing list. It is also a necessity to analyse and track exactly how many of your emails are reaching inbox’s and is actually being successfully read.

There has been a lot of research and analysis by independent bodies on the sort of inbox success rates and how emails are actually being viewed by the receivers. And a recent report has collected information from a mailing list of 70 million clients, and this study as interestingly proved the following facts.

Email Checking

On the actual day you send out your emails to your mailing list, this is when a large percentage of your targeted audience (around 80%) will receive the email to their inbox and actually read its content. After 6 days nearly 95% of your targeted audience will have received and successfully read the email content.

Failed Email

As with real world mail some email will actually fail to reach the inbox and this problem can be for many reasons. If one of your subscribers changes their email address without updating it on the mailing list, an email is marked as spam or maybe the server for the recipients email address is not responding and constantly timing out.

In the recent study it was proven that the failure rate when sending the first batch of emails out to your mailing list is around 6.6%, and once these out of date email addresses have been removed from a mailing list, the failure rate is expected to drop to around 3.9%. Sending emails to government email addresses has a lower failure rate of around 2.41%, e-commerce companies around 3.8% and real estate agencies somewhere near 4.19%.

Opening and Viewing the Email

It has already been proven that sending emails to government entities, telecommunication businesses, e-commerce companies and real estate agencies, have the highest success in the receiving and reading rate of sent email. Most of these types of email inbox’s will receive and read those emails within the first 48 hours after receiving them. Also it is interesting to know that emails sent out on a Monday have bigger receiving and reading rates than any other day of the week.

The Clicking of Links in Email

Surprisingly, emails containing links to additional content were only clicked at a rate of around 4.27%. This statistic is rather low especially for businesses that send out emails to promote products or updated sections of their website.

Most Successful Days for Emailing

When only a small number of emails were sent out over the weekend, the emails sent on Saturday (5.11%) and emails sent on Sunday (5.54%) were successfully received and read more often than emails sent during weekdays. At the same time emails that included a more personalized subject heading were opened and read by more receivers, than those emails that just had personalized content or no personalized content included.

It really does pay dividends to fully monitor what is happening when sending out your emails. Starting and developing a successful mailing list can be one of the most potent weapons in your arsenal when running your website or online business.

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