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As an extra perk to your premium membership you can ask me for a code review of your WordPress plugin. I will review your code free of charge and offer my critiques and suggestions.

This is a great way for you, especially if you are still learning your way around WordPress, to help ensure your plugin is up to par and is not going to cause problems. I will never confess to or claim to be a perfect plugin developer, but I do know that an extra set of eyes always helps, and I have written quite a few WordPress plugins.


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With the thousands and thousands of WordPress plugins out there, both free and premium alike, it is very common to come across a plugin that causes more problems than it solves upon activation. These problems could include

  • jQuery Conflicts
  • Broken Layouts
  • Conflicting Style Sheets
  • Extraneous Resources that Increase Load Times
  • Poor Theme Integration
  • And More

and could be caused by either your theme or plugin.

Nearly always, these kind of problems are a result of poor or improper coding, by either the theme or plugin developer.

As an experienced coder who has answered way more than necessary support questions dealing with the problems listed above, I assure you I always try as hard as I can to adhere to the best coding practices as to eliminate as many potential conflicts as possible.

Note, theme reviews will also be accepted.

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Szabi Kisded

Hey there, I'm Szabi. At 30 years old, I quit my IT job and started my own business and became a full time WordPress plugin developer, blogger and stay-at-home dad. Here I'm documenting my journey earning an online (semi)passive income. Read more

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