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Szabi Kisded

Szabi Kisded

WordPress Developer/Tech Support Pro/Entrepreneur/Online Marketer/Blogger/YouTuber/Full Time Daddy


I’m Szabi, 32 years old and live in Romania with my wife and our beautiful 4 year old daughter Maya. I started my journey in WordPress plugin development in 2017, when I quit my programmer job and became a full time stay at home WordPress plugin developer,  entrepreneur, blogger and daddy. You can check my current WordPress plugin portfolio on my CodeCanyon profile.

I implemented some very nice WordPress plugins, for importing from and sharing to social networks, autoblogger plugins, content curators, utility plugins and crypto miner plugins.

I enjoy finding problems and solve them using creative and easy to use solutions, that people will pay to use, to make their life easier.

I am fascinated by WordPress, the internet, computers and ways to earn an online passive income.

I really love reading books and I find watching TV a complete waste of time. If you wish to know my full life story, check this blog post I created:

How I managed to publish my 111th WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon?

For more plugins, tutorials, updates and news, please check my YouTube channel where I release videos daily at 7 PM GMT.

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The information on this blog is not direct advice. I’m simply documenting my journey in running my own WordPress plugin development business.

I’m not associated with any of the online marketplaces where I sell my work and might mention on this site. Everything described here reflects my experience and my opinion.

The blog contains affiliate links. If you click on some of the links found on this website, I might earn a commission. Sometimes you will receive a small bonus for using my links. I think it’s a win/win situation for everyone.


If you’d like to contact me, you can do it here.

I get a lot of emails so expect some delay in my response.

Can I hire you?

Yes and no. Probably I’m currently busy with developing a new plugin. But I might be available if it’s an exciting project (If you want to develop a site from scratch in WordPress, I might not be the right person).

Try contacting me.

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