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A Look Back At My Internet Marketing History


A Look Back At My Internet Marketing History

Welcome to CodeRevolution, my name is Szabi. I have been in the programming industry for slightly over tens years now. I also joined the online marketing game 5 years ago, when I started my own business. The reason why I also needed to join this new domain was that I suddenly realized that it was not enough if I only implemented new WordPress plugins, I also needed to learn how to sell them. And the only way to do this was through internet marketing.

I am a member at CodeCanyon and my username is CodeRevolution this is why my website name is (I am from Romania, this is why the .ro extension) and may be one of the reasons you have landed on my website.

Since I first started, I have seen a big change in the way that people go about promoting their online businesses and services. Making money online is not easy especially if you are starting out the first time in the most turbulent and competition ridden times of internet marketing.

There are tones of methods out there that will help you start making money online and a whole variety of strategies you can incorporate into your daily work schedule that will help promote your website. Having gone through the often brutal world of internet marketing although I would not call myself an expert I have seen enough success and enough heartbreak to know the struggles any internet marketer has.

Back in the days, I remember selling my first WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon for  $12, from which, after all commissions and taxes, I got around $2.

This was my first taste of “success” when it came to making money online and also taught me the many problems and pitfalls waiting for anyone starting out with an internet business. Unfortunately some of the customers I had back then, weren’t exactly computer savvy and often needed extensive support for their purchase (which was also included in the 2$ price they paid).

So, I learned that earning money online can be hard, and since then, I am working on making it easier and more productive.

Since then, I moved into learning how the commissions on sales work, how can I make to legally pay as less tax as possible for my products. I also saw the potential in becoming an affiliate for other products, trying to get people to purchase these products and services and earn a commission. I remember setting up an affiliate blog and writing a few articles on the best strategies for using some products and adding my affiliate links to them. I had banners all over the blogs advertising the products and it must have looked a real mess to anyone visiting that old blog I had.

This venture came with a little bit of success and earned me quite a few dollars thanks to me signing up to the recurring commissions each time one of the customers were billed a monthly or yearly subscription. I was doing pretty well with my blogs rankings which got me a steady flow of visitors, but after a while my rankings started to drop and in those days I didn’t know a lot about back-linking.

Afterwards, I started a new website and I went with the online directory approach targeting some online products for my website and would write detailed articles about each company embedding my affiliate links to the company within the text. I really did have some success with this method of online marketing thanks to my learning about back-linking and choosing a pretty solid exact match domain name for my website new affiliate website.

I even reached the dizzy heights of number one in the Google search engine for some very specific keyword terms for a week before the old Google dance kicked in and made my website disappeared down the rankings. Just achieving that number one position and seeing the flow of traffic hitting my website was a sight to behold.

Afterwards, I dabbled in using the power of YouTube videos to help promote my websites and products. The key to having success with these types of markets is to get in early when the product you are promoting is really popular. Getting people interested enough to click through and buy quite expensive products was far easier at the beginning, when i just started my venture in my business.

Since then, internet marketing as become a very difficult beast to tame what with the ever changing Google algorithms. Even gaining lots of social signals from the various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter seems to have an effect on the success of your website.

Currently, during my latest hustle to get more visitors, I am experimenting with some payed ads, like Facebook Ads and AdWords. Will be releasing new videos on this subject on my YouTube channel linked from above.

In a nutshell, the CodeRevolution website you are reading right now is really meant to be a journey and personal log of my adventures with selling my WordPress plugins and how I am doing in terms of success with the internet marketing methods I am trying currently: good or bad included. As the captain of this ship here (the website you are currently reading), I am effectively sailing the very choppy high seas of WordPress development and internet marketing and ask you to tag along as I try to make my way towards the chest full of treasures and not land broke and miserable on a deserted island! You can follow my journey and get insights and tips from what I learned, by joining the membership part of this website. Also, the online courses I created should also come helpful.

For my full story, I also encourage you to check this post: How I managed to publish my 111th WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon?

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