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CodeRevolution delivers daily customers success stories, because of the passion of its team members:

Szabi Kisded

Lead Developer

Szabi eats, breathes, and dreams websites and code. He built his first website many years ago, and learned everything the slow, hard way - alone. He is the non-conformist of the company, trying to not always drive in the "safe lane". He truly believes knowing how to build a WordPress plugin can change one's life.

Szabi Kisded

Founder, Lead Marketer

In the past years, Szabi gained and successfully implemented solid expertise in marketing and online sales, founding his flagship company - CodeRevolution and selling WordPress plugins worth over $200,000 on CodeCanyon. He enjoys browsing the net for new business ideas and opportunities that might pop up, trying to find the upcoming trends before they appear.

Szabi Kisded

Customer Success Specialist

Szabi enjoys waking up in the mornings and checking his emails for new customer support requests. He never misses an email and tries to solve any issue that any customer might have. He considers that if a company wants to be successful on the market, it must replace it's "Customer Support" department with a "Customer Success" department.

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