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Hobby CEO/Coder
You have some new startup ideas you want to try or you like to code with WordPress in your spare time
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CEO/Coder by Night
You have a side business you run nightly or you stay up late drinking coffee and playing around with WordPress
3 months / 16$
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You have a thriving online business or spend so much time coding, that you start thinking in IF/ELSE statements
12 months / 60$

Do you want to promote your website or products in a more efficient way?

By becoming a member of, you will gain access to an ever-growing vault of information on how to promote your website and market your online products in a more efficient way.

Premium tutorials are frequently released that cover more in-depth topics of online marketing and website promoting strategies.

Do you want to learn about WordPress plugin development or do you struggle getting your WordPress plugins approved on CodeCanyon?

By becoming a member of, you will gain access to an ever-growing vault of information on how to create WordPress plugins that are coded well, and ever more that will be accepted on CodeCanyon at their first submission (if you wish to sell there). But I’ll give you even more! I will give you tips also on how to make your plugins sell well!

Premium tutorials are frequently released that cover more in-depth topics of plugin development for WordPress and know how about CodeCanyon approval process.

Join now to get immediate access to all member’s exclusive content and help support the site.

Why Join CodeRevolution’s membership area?

Members receive the following benefits:

  • Immediate access to all members-only content, posts and code snippets
  • Previews and member-only copies of premium plugins
  • Exceptionally in-depth tutorials that explore marketing and WordPress plugin development + CodeCanyon behind the scenes
  • Plugin code reviews – I can review your plugins and give a feedback on them

Not sure? Check out a list of all member-only posts.

Also, the check current list of the premium utility WordPress plugins that you will get with your subscription – I will add more plugins to this member only bundle, soon:

  • advanced-external-links-to-new-tab – Opens external links from your site in a new tab. You have the ability to define rules to skip links from different sections or by different keywords
  • registered-user-counter – Displays a widget with which you can display the current number of users registered on your site
  • show-upcoming-posts – Displays a widget where you can display your scheduled (or draft) post list – upcoming posts is a hand feature for every blog
  • simple-move-featured-image – Moves the ‘Featured Image’ setter form in the Classic Editor to the top of the page – you do not have to scroll down to use it, any more!

Note: this membership does not include plugins sold on CodeCanyon. The Envato license agreement does not allow me to do so.


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Hi, my name is Szabi and I'm documenting my journey selling plugins on CodeCanyon. I will show you every step of it: learning to code, plugin ideas, WordPress stuff and more. Read more…

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