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Blogger vs WordPress – Which is better in terms of SEO?


Blogger vs WordPress – Which is better in terms of SEO?

I have been using both Blogger and WordPress for a long time. If we consider Search Engine optimization (SEO) then which one of them is better? Blogger or WordPress? Well there are many pros and cons for both of these blogging platforms.

Before proceeding further, please not that this comparison is between Blogger and I don’t think its good to compare these two as both of them are completely different. To some extent it would be good if we talk about Blogger vs Well the only reason to compare Blogger vs is due to the huge user base they got.

Blogger – Easy to Use and Google Powered

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google with easy-to-use interface. Over the years many new features are added to improve its usability. Some of the attractive features that comes with each free blogspot blog includes: Customizing look and feel by using a template, use of custom domain name for better branding and tons of widgets to add content easily.

Apart from these, in the very recent update some SEO related features like options to add robots.txt file, custom permalinks etc are introduced. Dynamic blog layouts and mobile templates are also available in latest version of Blogger. Soon or later most of the features available in WordPress can be seen on Blogger too.

WordPress – Plugins, Themes and Much More

WordPress is an open source CMS tool that is widely used by Bloggers, Web Masters and Companies. It is free to use and comes with an extensive documentation. With the availability of thousands of free themes and plugins that are contributed by community members, WordPress is one of the best open source projects ever.

WordPress gives you complete flexibility to customize the look and feel of your blog. At the same time you can easily optimize your blog for search engines by using free SEO plugins. WordPress can also be used to create complex web applications like Job Forums, Coupon Sites etc. Finally only thing that bothers is, we need to pay hosting bills.

Blogger vs WordPress – Which is good for SEO?

Whatever is the blogging platform you are using, content should be unique. So in this comparison lets consider external factors like Permalink structure, Page Loading Speed, SEO Plugins etc.

Permalink Structure

WordPress is popular for its flexibility to define custom permalinks. Well, by using custom permalinks its very easy to include all the targeted keywords in the slug of the link. Later Blogger also implemented the same but with very limited options only. So WordPress is ahead of Blogger in terms of permalink structure.

Page Loading Speed

Considering a Blogger blog with a plain template and WordPress blog with the default theme, I noticed Blogger is loading quite faster when compared to WordPress. As Google considers Page Loading Speed as one of the major SEO ranking factors, we need to keep an eye on it. Of course by using a caching plugin we can speedup WordPress.

SEO Plugins

Many free and premium SEO plugins are available in WordPress. On the other hand blogger doesn’t have any other options for SEO except using inbuilt features. Google rich snippets and authorship etc can be easily implemented using WordPress. So if you want to have better control over SEO, its good to go with WordPress atleast for now.

Free vs Paid

Blogger is absolutely free to use whereas WordPress is a package which is to be installed on a hosting space. Considering free hosting providers as not reliable, you need to buy some space from a decent hosting provider. If you are a serious blogger or webmaster then you can easily earn back what you are spending for hosting bills.


Finally, 9 out of 10 times I prefer to use self-hosted WordPress and that way we can have complete control over our blog or website. I never say Blogger is not good but I feel like there is a lot more room to improve features and flexibility in it. Hope Google will implement new features in near future and please share your views on this ever debating topic – Blogger vs WordPress.

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