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5 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website


5 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is an awesome content management system. You can install it in one click, you can find professionally looking themes for as little as a few dollars, and you can use a wide range of plugins for added functions and features. Nonetheless, WordPress websites can become sluggish sometimes, chasing impatient visitors away.

This article is going to show you five ways to make your WordPress website run faster.

1. Use a good caching a plugin

These plugins have the role of storing your pages in the memory of the browser, so that they can load much faster the next time they are accessed. If you have a popular website, with lots of returning visitors, they are surely going to feel the difference starting with their second visit.

On CodeRevolution we use W3 Total Cache

After you Install W3 total cache you will see there is a lot of setting to set up – check out this guide for getting the best results with the plugin –

2. Optimize your CSS and JavaScript code

Optimized code loads faster, because it doesn’t need to juggle with lots of unnecessary instructions or comments. Commenting is something most programmers do, but once they finish their work, they minimize their CSS and JavaScript files, thus putting less strain on browsers.

3. Optimize your images

Most WordPress users are very happy to upload photos from their computer, without even thinking to check their file size. This is how they end up with huge files that are a burden to the system, the result being a very slow website. If you don’t know how to reduce the size of your image files, you should consider installing a WordPress plugin that does it for you.

Best plugins to use to optimize your images are:

EWWW Image Optimizer

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

4. Avoid putting a lot of things in your sidebar

When your sidebar is full of sliders, animations and other scripts, it slows down your entire website, as all pages have to wait until the sidebar is fully loaded. Instead of adding all these bells and whistles, you should rather focus on offering one or two banners to advertisers, and avoid complex widgets that take ages to load. As a matter of fact, the latest trend is to give up the sidebar completely, so that your readers can focus on your main content.

5. Carousels aren’t trendy anymore

Besides, they usually slow down websites, as they require at least a couple of seconds to load their entire content. Since latest research shows that internet users develop ad blindness, and they can’t see your carousel slides anyway, it would be a good idea to remove them from your website.

You are doing your readers a favor, while also having a chance to put your most important content in front of their eyes.

Check your WordPress speed

I usually run the folioing tools to see my how my sites are doing speed wise.

Most important is is the Google speed test –

and I also like to use

In Conclusion

By implementing these five changes, you are surely going to notice an improvement in your site loading speed. You may have to try several plugin variants until you find the one that works best for your specific WordPress theme, but if you’re keen on making your website run faster, you should invest a few hours into this research. Your readers are going to reward you by spending more time on your website and by visiting more pages.

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