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Lightweight and Easy Buttons with the CSS3 Buttons Framework


Lightweight and Easy Buttons with the CSS3 Buttons Framework

Getting used to the ins and outs of using CSS3 can be rather tough at the start however, but with the help of the CSS3 Buttons Framework you’ll find that you’re able to churn out some great-looking buttons in no time flat.

What Does it Do?

Essentially the CSS3 Buttons Framework is just a set of styles to create ‘GitHub’ button links.

After downloading this framework all that you need to do is add various classes to your HTML and it will apply the appropriate style to transform them into buttons. So for example, all you need to do is use HTML markup that looks like this:

<a href=”#” class=”button”>This is a button</a>

The above code will give you a button – just like that!

Within this framework are numerous classes that include various styles of buttons such as:

  • Regular rectangular buttons
  • Pill buttons with rounded edges
  • Primary button highlight with bold text
  • Big buttons that are considerably larger
  • Negative buttons that turn red when hovered over
  • Positive buttons that turn green when hovered over
  • Grouped buttons that are situated directly next to each other
  • Buttons with icons such as a magnifying glass, up arrow, down arrow, home icon, trash icon, and many more

With this tool you’ll have access to the ability to create all these buttons with ease – instead of having to code the CSS from scratch!

How Useful Is It?

For web developers fluent in CSS3, creating buttons like these shouldn’t really be a problem – even from scratch.

That being said, using the CSS3 Buttons Framework even as a starting point should cut down your workload quite a bit, and you’re free to tweak and alter the CSS however you like to customize it.

On the other hand, for web developers not fluent in CSS3 this is a great way to introduce lightweight and yet great-looking GitHub style buttons. Of course, you probably won’t be able to customize them all that much without learning a little bit about CSS3, but even just used ‘as is’ these buttons can add a touch of class to your website.

As far as CSS3 tools and frameworks go, this is definitely one of the better ones to be released in recent days. It is decidedly easy to use, and ever so convenient to boot.

Even if you have no intention of ever using the full framework, it would be a shame not to add the CSS3 Buttons Framework to your resource library.

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