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List of best websites to enhance your web design skill


List of best websites to enhance your web design skill

In this age of the internet, you can find information and resources about almost anything you can think of. The Web has made it easier than ever before to self-teach oneself and to gain skills well enough to pursue a career in various industries. But, with the tremendous amount of information being produced every day, It has also become easier than ever before to get lost in the sea of information and be demotivated. When it comes to improving web designing and development skill, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of websites out there providing huge resources on this topic. As finding the best out of them can definitely be a daunting task, it only makes it harder to enhance web design skill.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of sites that is well reputed for delivering high-quality resources; so you don’t have to loose energy and time swimming through the unnecessary stuff. No matter if you’re a beginner or a kick-ass development ninja, these sites got a lot for you to offer. They are being praised for publishing best tips and tricks, news, tutorial, best practices etc in past few years. So, you can be convinced that they are worth your much valuable time.
Without further ado, let’s take the dive!

Note: The sites below is arranged in no particular order.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is probably the most well-known blog in its niche and one of the best websites to improve web design and development skill. They are extremely reputed for delivering high-quality resources ever since they were founded back in 2006. They can be referred to as “Professional’s choice” as they publish advanced article on latest and trendy topics, complex technology in great details. Which, at the same time, can make the content a little bit hard to consume for those of you who are just getting started. But, learning is all about crossing your limits, right?
Smashing Magazine also got an h-u-g-e e-book library. They even supply printed books if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. Besides getting in touch with thousands of reader every day, sometimes they even arrange conference and meet-ups. This site deserves to be bookmarked.

Site Points

SitePoints is one of the oldest web design blogs out there. It was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz in 1999. The amazing thing about site point is; no matter you are a designer, developer, programmer or entrepreneur, they’ve got great quality stuff for you to offer. It has become a central place for everyone to enhance web design skill, regardless of different paths. As they put it: “SitePoint is a hub for web developers to share their passion for building incredible Internet things.”
Besides tons of free content, you can also be a premium member of SitePoint to access their professional quality video tutorial. You can also purchase a lot of books published by SitePoint, which they are specially known for.

CSS Tricks

As the name implies, This site mainly focuses on CSS. Make this site your best friend if you want to maximize the power of CSS. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also learn about HTML, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress and a lot of other things. The speciality of this site is, It is founded by Chris Coyier; A popular name in the web industry. He is the co-founder of Codepen. Following him is a must if want to know where the web industry is headed to. Chris is also very popular for his amazingly written articles on CSS Tricks. Overall, It’s a great site to enhance web design skill. You should check out this site regularly.


Hongkiat is another mixed type of blogs which targets all and any kind of techies. They publish loads of tutorials, tips and news update every month. Their topic range is also very broad as you might expect. Starting from complex development tutorials to simple social media tips, they’ve got everything covered. Their article is usually light and short. So you can lay your eyes off to check out cool tips and tricks, latest tech news and inspirations whenever you have a minute or two.


This site is really interesting. They aim to gather all the talented designer and developer from all over the world for promoting their hard work and the amazing things that they create. It’s like a hanging out place for internet geeks; To be inspired from each other, to get constructive critique from each other. And you know what happens when a lot of expert hangouts? Yep, you guessed it! They create lots of great stuff for others to enhance web design skill.

What even more interesting is that they give awards to people with the highest vote at the end of every year. You had a hint when you heard the name, right?

1st Web Designer

This site is specially focused for the people who are starting out in the web industry and wants to enhance web design skill fast. It shows where to start from the scratch and then takes you along the road; Something at which beginners struggle the most. It talks mostly about web design, WordPress and Freelance. To make you capable of earning besides learning. Its content is also great for seasoned designer/developer if they need a refresher for their knowledge. The site also impresses its user with a really nice and easy to use minimalist user interface.


Codrops is another great blog that offers high-quality tutorials, blueprints etc. Front-end is where Codrops really excels. They also have a dedicated CSS reference section on their site which is super useful. This entire blog is maintained by two technology lover Pedro and Manoela who are web designer themselves in their real life. One thing is for sure that they both are uncompromising about the quality of their content. You can expect to get only the best stuff on latest technology and trends from them. Mark my words: If you are into front-end designing, you are going to love them!


You’ve heard the name before, didn’t you? It’s the huge collection of tutorials and resource from the giant Envato network. It’s a one-stop learning place for designer and developer. What do you want to learn? Just name it! They have detailed tutorial on countless topic. Be it 3D design, Game development or Programming. No matter if you’re a beginner or a master, you’ll find things on tuts+ that you don’t know yet. At the time of this writing, they have over 22,630 free how-to articles and tutorials including materials that will help you to enhance web design skill. You can take their premium membership to take your learning further.

Six Revisions

This site believes in minimalism. You’ll be surprised to see how simple the site looks like(if you haven’t visited before). It was founded back in 2008. This site doesn’t publish tons of new things like a lot other site does. It publishes a few post every month which are truly of best quality. It focuses on how the changes happening in the industry and how the industry is evolving; which is a must to be informed of, if you want to enhance web design skill.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq crosses the area of web design and provides great tips and tutorials on Graphics Design, 3D animation and all sort of digital art. The site also delivers regular news updates on various technology. It’s a great place to keep yourself inspired and updated about the industry at the same time.


Noupe is aimed at keeping you updated on all the web technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress etc. It’s a great place to discover what’s happening in the industry around the world, What new technology is dominating the industry etc. Noupe’s essential section is really a good place to start with the site. Noupe also shares insights and technique about business which is great if you are into that sort of things.

Web Designer Depot

Known as WDD blog. They cover a lot about business alongside the techie stuff. WDD have some fun things on their site, like, popular design of the week, popular comics of the week etc. They will make you visit the site more often. They provide quality tutorials and news on different web design technology which can be easily found by the category menu of their beautifully designed page. They also have a great daily newsletter which will get you all the latest news and tips right inside your inbox every morning; Which is super useful to enhance web design skill.

Design Modo

Another beautiful blog to get quality resource and inspirations. They have loads of stuff for both designer and developers. Designmodo have got a dedicated section for WordPress and offers some really great resource regarding WordPress. They also have a shop where you can find UI toolkit, WordPress themes and extension and other premium content. Their newsletter is extremely popular. Subscribe to it, and the very best of industry will sit inside your inbox every weekend.

Web Design Ledger

A great collection of resource. It is one of those web design blog that was created by web designer. There’s a lot of designer and developer writing regularly on the site. So you can expect a couple of new posts every time you visit. It also arranges giveaway every weeks or so. Besides tech, it talks about business too.

One Extra Pixel

OXP teaches you about every corner of the web. It gives you the best insights of design, development and then also shows how to prepare your site to take off, to reach more audience. A large group of professional writer maintains the site. So, you’ll get a lot of new high-quality post from them everyday.


Even though it started as a personal freelance site of its owner, eventually it became one of the most popular design magazine which now inspires thousands of reader to enhance web design skill. They have a special attention towards mobile design and development. They often share useful resource that would otherwise be really hard for anyone to find out. They also talk about business technique to help you launch your business successfully.

Design Shack

Popular for providing high-quality tips, tricks, news, insights and tutorials on various design and development technology. Visit this site once, and you won’t return empty handed. They also talk about business strategy. This site is very good for lightweight reading.

A List Apart

A list apart is another of those very few publications that existed at the very early days of the internet. It was founded in 1998 and still its one of the most trusted and reliable news sources for the web industry. Peoples behind this site are the people who set the web standards. They publish only the very best tips, advice and  biggest news from the industry every week. Make sure you check them out on a regular basis.

Line 25

This blog emphasises more on general design elements. They provide great resource for web design too. Other than that, They also review WordPress plugins. One thing I cannot but mention about Line25 is that they share amazing website design sample that can not fail to inspire web designer. It is also a great resource to learn web design online.


Enhance web design skill today!

That was it! Of Course, a lot other great blog exists that provides great tips and resource, But we didn’t want to get you overwhelmed. In fact, we believe that the sites we’ve listed above are far more than enough to keep oneself up-to-date with the latest atmosphere and trends of the web industry. Besides, it takes a lot of time to go through websites which makes it harder to concentrate on actual content. So, we kept the list short.

Which one from this list is your most favorite site to improve web design skill? Did we miss a good one? Is there any site that you think we should’ve placed on the list? Please let us know via the comment section below!

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