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How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Search Box Feature


How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Search Box Feature

Hold the phones – did you hear about Google’s ‘Sitelink Searchbox’ yet? They have updated the sitelinks section of the SERPs so that searchers can now do a search within a site from Google and then view the search results on that site instead of Google. The Google sitelinks search box is very useful stuff for webmasters who want to make it easier for users find buried archived content but also, and maybe more importantly, this Google sitelinks searchbox allows you to get people to your site more quickly and could potentially increase CTR – all good stuff.

If you are interested, you can check on more info on the Sitelink Searchbox feature, here.

So, how can you update your site to take full advantage of the Google sitelinks search box feature? All you need is below!

How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Search Box

If you want to update your site to take advantage of the Google sitelinkes search box then the code you need is below. Simply add this to any WordPress theme in the header.php file of your site;

The Code

<?php if(is_front_page()) : ?>
<script type=”application/ld+json”>
“url”: “”,
“potentialAction”: {
“target”: “{search_term}”,
“query-input”: “required name=search_term”
<?php endif; ?>

Obviously, you’ll have to replace the site URL above from to whatever your canonical domain link is but we think you can do that. If you’d like to grab a copy of the code snippet for Google Sitelinks Search Box then help yourself.

How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Search Box

If this is your first time visiting this site, well, you’re very welcome. We’re an experienced team of WordPress Developers with a primary focus on SEO and how to marry the two of them together. We like to stay on top of what’s happening with Google and that’s why we’ve implemented the Google sitelink search box update on this site and hope that this simple how to guide will enable you to do so as well.

If you’ve any questions leave them in the comment box below and bookmark this site, lots of useful WordPress tips coming your way!

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