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SEO 101: Create Evergreen Content


SEO 101: Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is created with a single goal in mind: to drive traffic to a website over the course of an extended period of 6-12 months. This content, once created, should require very little or no updating as time progresses.

The subject matter of the content could be almost anything, what’s important is that the topic should be one where little is likely to change which would require the article to be updated at a later date. You want to avoid topical subjects, as they hold no staying power. A few examples of Evergreen Content includes anything related to history; people, places, or things. Encyclopedic or reference articles such as those about animals, or features of a home, etc. Really anything that won’t change much over time to the point the article or content itself is entirely outdated.

Where Should Evergreen Content Be Used?

Either a client or a personal website is a great place to add evergreen content. Evergreen content usually takes quite some time to create, but its benefits are felt for a long time into the future. Having spent so much time creating it you would probably not want to then give it up to an external website as a guest blog post.

Granted the content may help the external websites domain authority, which in turn gives the link in the article more link juice to your site, but all the traffic generated by the evergreen content could be going directly to your site instead. This would raise your own DA much faster than receiving what would trickle towards you from an external site’s link juice.

When Should You Use Evergreen Content?

The sooner you begin creating quality evergreen content, and get it into place, the more work it’s going to do for you. Not to mention the longer you have it in place, the better overall the content is going to perform. Time is the real bonus here, as you don’t have to continually update or rewrite it. It’s a one-time investment, with interest and dividends being paid off continually over the life of the content. Thus, the longer the content remains up, the more work it is going to do for you.

This differs from other, more topical content in the sense that after a while, and the initial rush dies down, the article will have little to no added gains in the future. No one will continue to view it, seek it out, and share it, essentially everything that keeps Evergreen content, well, evergreen.

Why It’s Worth Using Evergreen Content

There are many benefits to be had from creating and using evergreen content. For starters, we’ll list what we already know. Which is over time, it is going to continue attracting people, which will help to raise the value of that article itself in the eyes of search engines. That article being associated with your website then builds your site’s domain authority as well.

Evergreen content, overall, is appreciated more than random banter, prolonged gibberish and biased opinions. It also has, as mentioned, longer staying power than topical content. So you can feel pleased that you are actually creating something that is both wanted and needed by people.

In the end, what all search engines are hoping to achieve is to set themselves up as encyclopedias of the Internet. Which, over the lifespan of the Encyclopedia Britannica, is mostly filled with what would be considered “evergreen content”. I’m sure there are pages upon pages of content that never needed changing over the years, and that is exactly what you should be creating for your website.

If you provide information that search engines and people cannot help but want, you are going to drive the trust of your website up dramatically. With that, you should subsequently increase your rankings as well.

How To Write Evergreen Content

The first thing you want to do is create a proper plan. Here are a few important points you are going to want to make sure are covered in order for it to be effective.

To start, make sure that your page, the content of the post, and the URL’s are as keyword centered as you can make them. Essentially you want to optimize it so the content can be found. If you put in the groundwork for the content to be successful, it will eventually be working doubly as hard for you.

Be sure to thoroughly research your topic and the keywords associated with it. You can’t create Evergreen content if you have no authoritative voice on what you are writing. Readers will catch on to this, and if the viewers are aware, you can be sure that the search engines will know as well.

Determine if and how often you will have to update the content and how you will go about doing that. Planning for this prior to when it is needed ensures that the most can be done in an effective and worthwhile way. Set up a schedule that will prevent it from sneaking up on you, or passing you altogether.

The final point to note is that it is far better to write on a subject that is very narrow in focus than one that is broad. The narrower, the more informative that continent is in comparison to other similar content on the web. The broader it becomes, the less trusted it is going to be as there are no real jack-of-all-trades on the internet. Pick what you know, know you know it, and write like you know it. That’s how you make Evergreen content successful.

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