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Ten Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2020


Ten Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2020

Marketing trends have altered significantly over several years via the use of innovative technology, but has this aided in building effective relationships with clients, and how have these ten marketing trends worked for popular organisations? This article describes ten marketing trends that are growing in popularity among well-known brands and smaller businesses.

Unplugging From the Machine

The average person sits in front of the television for approximately five to six hours each day, while the mobile phone is a constant distraction with approximately seventy-five text messages sent each day. Researchers have determined that employees are constantly bombarded with distractions in the workplace. This over enthusiasm for technology causes our brains to be alert, which can lead to insomnia and addiction.

The Sabbath Manifesto, a creative movement started by a non-profit Jewish community called Reboot, offers individuals the chance to be mindful and unplug for a short time by avoiding all electronics, media and technology for one day per week.

Confidence in the Product or Service through Authenticity

Popular well-known brands like to use authenticity to brand its product. For example, food industries like McDonald’s can describe their food quality, their values, and what they care for, in an effort to persuade the consumer to gain trust in the product and brand. In recent years, their advertisements are not just on the television, but also through mobile phone advertising, radio, and throughout magazines and billboards.

Traditional Marketing

Over the past ten years, many companies have had to expand to digital marketing, although direct mail, newspapers, and television are still the traditional sources of marketing. There are cables available that allow you to link your computer to your television so that you can watch online movies.

The latest fibre optic cable can transmit super fast broadband across servers, which makes it useful for rapid downloading, but it is not available in every household.

Future Ways to Advertise

There are newer ways to promote a brand, with videos and podcasts two popular options. A large percentage of marketers publish articles, blogs, e-newsletters, while social media is a popular way for companies to gain interest from the public. In the future, brands will take advantage of digital magazines, podcasts and mobile advertisements. Some popular magazines are now available to view on your phone.

Growth of Social Media Through Mobile Phones

Mobile broadband is a popular option on contract, although there are pay as you go options that also include unlimited broadband usage. Almost everyone has heard of the social media websites Twitter and Facebook. There are two times more Facebook users who check and update their status via their mobile phone than desktop users, while there are forty million twitters users who access the product through their mobile. Sky Go is a programme that allows you to connect to your Sky account so that you can watch shows and movies on your phone.

Understanding the Numbers

There has been a huge shift to digital marketing, but it is up to the company to understand the numbers and use this data to learn about the behaviour of consumers. However, this can be time consuming as it involves collating, filtering, curating, and translating the data to determine a remedy that can be put into place.


Game design techniques are a useful source of marketing, as they engage the customer into a variety of situations. This market is huge with current estimations over 2 billion. Experts believe that this gaming trend will increase to 3.8 billion by 2021.


This marketing source is effective and takes advantage of the customer presenting the marketing message. Money can be raised for charities and specific events, which can encourage an influx of future customers.

Experiential Marketing

2019 presented an increase in photo and social enabling sharing, which allowed marketers to collaborate with content publishers to broaden events through a focus on innovative practical marketing campaigns. The inclusion of quick response (QR) code technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology makes it easy for individuals to share information via social media channels.

Content Curation

Many well-known brands use varied sources of information, which is then made available to the necessary audience. This provides brand marketers with the opportunity to remove dull unnecessary information, categorize the information, and add importance, whilst also attracting prospective customers.

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