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Most Popular Press Release Distribution Services


Most Popular Press Release Distribution Services

Positive publicity for a business provides many benefits. Customers, prospects and employees place more value on companies that continue to come up with new offerings and remain in the public eye.

A simple, well-written press release is the fastest way to share news of these developments and also brings SEO dividends in the form of valuable backlinks.

Here is a look at six of the most popular press release distribution services. Some are paid; others are free of charge. Each will help every organization boost their image and create goodwill in their market channel.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire has been offering press release distribution services since 1954. Although they are a little more expensive, clients benefit from their extensive network of media outlets. With offices on several continents, PR Newswire sends news releases to destinations in 135 countries around the world. They work with news organizations such as the Associated Press, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. offers a hybrid of services including business directories, press release distribution, article directories, reviews, and job search. There are two levels of participation. The first option allows companies access to free and paid press release distribution. They can also post job opportunities on the job search website. The second option provides clients a full profile and access to an extensive suite of services including search engine optimization and product listings.


Business Wire’s exclusive NX network provides wide press release distribution to newsrooms, websites, reporters, bloggers, syndicators and social media. Press releases can be targeted several ways. The National Circuit sends releases to over 1,000 newspapers as well as television, online and radio outlets. Releases can also be sent via specialty wires such as AutomotiveWire, HealthWire or LatinoWire.


PRWeb is a paid press release distribution service that was among the first to offer self-service submission via a web-based interface. News releases are sent to over 250,000 subscribers, more than 30,000 reporters, as well as Google, Bing and Yahoo News. Press releases are also filed on, which boasts over 3 million visitors every month.


PRLeap features an “All-In-One” press release. The fee is only paid once and the press release is hosted indefinitely. Clients can delete it at any time. Within 24 hours, PRLeap will make sure each release is submitted to a core group of premier media outlets including key newspapers.


PRLog is designed to help businesses and organizations of all sizes increase their online publicity and exposure. Their services include press release distribution, a business directory and job listings. Press releases can go live immediately. Alternatively, they can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance.

Each press release distribution company offers a range of services for corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to increase positive exposure with news releases. Take time to review each one and determine which offers the best combination of pricing and services.

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