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10 Commandments of Pinterest Marketing for Your Business


10 Commandments of Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

1. Use a Pinterest Business Account

Basic consumer Pinterest accounts and business accounts are vastly different. Business accounts have special features. It is important to note, at this time, you are unable change a basic account to a business account. You will be required to create a business account and slowly transfer the information over. Eventually, you can deactivate the original account.

2. Prepare your Website Properly

Embed the “Pin It” and “Follow me on Pinterest” on your company website, blog, etc. You should also be certain to add Pinterest buttons on all social media channels. You want people to be able to share your photos and information as easily as possible.

3. Be Aware of Copyright and Source

In the coming years, copyright will become increasingly punishable. Businesses will be the easiest targets with the deepest pockets. It is imperative to source all photos and pins properly. Give credit where credit is due and use watermarks to protect your own images.

4. Be Active

Your business will not expand quickly or maintain a positive reputation if you are not an active member of the community. Do not forget to like other photos, share pins and to say thank you to those who repin your photos.

5. Pin Indirectly rather than Strictly Directly

It is important to engage your Pinterest audience in a number of areas in which they are interested rather than specifically the products or services you provide. This is the time to be creative and create an in-depth brand to which many people are able to relate.

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6. Choose Content Appropriately

You should pin content that is appealing to your target audience and content that will encourage them to like, share and repin.

7. Use A Call to Action

Do not forget to encourage your audience to engage, share and to visit your website. Pinterest is a valuable tool for generating leads.

8. Cohesion is Key

Be certain your content is in line with the direction of all of your social media activity. You do not want to confuse your audience or to build an audience that is not actually part of the target audience of your business.

9. More than Photos
Go beyond simply posting photos. A number of businesses have creatively and successfully used Pinterest to generate hundreds of thousands of potential new customers and clients through Pinterest campaigns.

10. Setup Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has finally debuted their version of analytics for all business accounts. You will be able to learn which pins are engaging the most people and to develop the most effective Pinterest strategy through this tool.


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