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SEO Domain Trust: How to Move the Barometer Faster


SEO Domain Trust: How to Move the Barometer Faster

At the beginning of its life as a website, a domain doesn’t get much respect from Google. Older domains and those with back links from previous lives as a website will advance more quickly in domain authority growth.

When a website is first launched, its owner must approach the link building process slowly and steadily to avoid the penalization dubbed the “Google Sandbox.” The pace and types of links built indicate whether the domain is genuinely attracting visitor interest or spamming the search engines.

You can’t judge a new website’s success in the few months, especially if you are succeeding with the latter tactic. That’s your free ride in the beginning, at a time when you must be on your best behavior. There are some ways to budge the barometer a little faster and earn brownie points with Google.

  • Press releases : Press releases not only make the most sense in terms of announcing a brand new site; they provide high authority back links from trusted websites, giving your site a good, natural boost right from the start. Sites like will give you anchor text back links and, upon distribution, many of the publications that pick up your press releases will also include the links. You also have the opportunity to get picked up by related blogs, extending your back links to related websites, which is next on the list.
  • Related websites: While there are plenty of sites that can benefit yours that are not related, i.e. press releases, social bookmarking and social networking, you want the majority of your link building effort to be focused on related sites. It may be difficult to create those connections in the beginning, but you can scout them out in related forums and through your social networking pages.
  • Brand/Keyword Link Ratio: the site should have a greater percentage of brand related anchor text back links than any other kind. This is something you should heed right from the beginning of your link building campaign. Go very lightly on your keyword anchor text links and when you do use them, try to vary them as much as possible so repetition is minimized as much as possible. If you stick to a 50/50 ratio of brand links to keyword links, you’ll have a natural balance from the beginning.
  • Registration: Register your domain for the longest possible period of time. The length of time your site is registered for is an indication that the site owner plans to invest time and effort into it.
  • Who Is Information: While it was a fun little trick hiding your domain who is information so you could own multiple websites in the same niche with no repercussions, listing your name and contact information is just one factor that helps to establish your site’s trust.
  • Industry & Business Associations: A link from associations in your industry may be possible with membership. These are usually trustworthy links and many of the older associations will have high domain authority websites. Other general associations that can provide good links are the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and if you website hosts a store, SSL certificate websites.
  • Manufacturers: If you sell product, contact the manufacturers to see if they will list your website as a retail supplier of their goods.
  • Links Out: Be very careful who you link out to. Don’t randomly exchange links with other sites which could be link farms or penalized. This won’t increase your trust but prevent your site from losing it.

You can’t jump to any conclusions about your rankings the first few months out. Just work steadily and stay on the right track and you will see that barometer move. It’s harder to undue damage than to avoid it in the first place.

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