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Email Marketing – All You Need to Know to Succeed With It


Email Marketing – All You Need to Know to Succeed With It

Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Email Marketing

More businesses than ever before have realized the power of using email to connect with prospects. However, just because more businesses realize the value of this channel doesn’t mean they’re all utilizing it correctly.

A study from Experian Marketing Services found that while the majority of marketers are happy with the return they’ve got from their investment in email marketing, the reality is that many are still failing to fully optimize the emails they send. This is especially true in terms of making emails as readable and accessible as possible on mobile devices. Since nearly half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, that’s a significant area for improvement.

Whether you’re just starting to use email to build relationships with prospects or you’ve been utilizing this channel for awhile but are looking for ways to drive even better results, let’s look at some tips to follow, as well as some pitfalls to avoid:

1. Don’t Force a Sale

It’s no secret that email can be used to convert prospects into actual customers. However, that doesn’t mean you should dive right into asking someone to buy from you as soon as they provide their email address. Before you ask for a sale, you want to use the emails you send to build trust and familiarity with prospects.

2. Do Offer Something Specific

When the time comes for you to ask prospects to make a purchase, don’t beat around the bush. Instead, you want to make an offer that’s both clear and compelling. If you’ve taken time to build trust, a large percentage of prospects will jump right on the offer you make.

3. Don’t Obsess Over Quantity

After gaining a little momentum, many businesses fall into the trap of wanting to do everything in their power to increase the size of their email list. Not only is that simply not the most effective approach to take, but businesses that get too aggressive with this approach may end up being viewed as spammy.

Instead of worrying about boosting your total number of subscribers, focus on laser-targeting the communications you have with your current list. In addition to taking time to really understand their pain points and the solutions they’re trying to find, you may also want to think about creating targeted segments within your list.

4. Do Use Some Creativity

When it comes to the subject lines you write, as well as the bodies of your emails, creativity can definitely work in your favor. Not only can it grab someone’s attention and snap them out of the automatic process they usually go through with emails, but it can also keep them engaged and prevent them from jumping to the next email in their inbox. Just be sure that you don’t get so clever that it distracts from the main focus of your email!

Email Marketing: 5 Timeless Tips

If you want to make this your best financial year yet, then email marketing should be an integral part of your online business.

Increasingly people are only purchasing from people who they know, like and trust. And the easiest way to build that relationship with your prospects is through the power of an automated drip email sequence.

While simply using email is enough to increase your sales, like any aspect of marketing it can be improved. Whether you are new to email marketing or a seasoned pro, these 5 email marketing tips that will help you build better relationships with your prospects and increase sales.

1. Sell The Click Not The Product

One of the mistakes that many online business owners make is to try and sell the product within the email. Selling the product is the job of the sales page on your website. The job of the email message is to sell the “click”. You want your reader to click through from your email to your sales page. Trying to sell too early can actually decrease the likelihood that they will buy.

Some of the best ways to increase the likelihood that they will click on your link is to create a sense of scarcity such as only having a limited amount of time to take up the offer. Or you can make the link seem mysterious so that the reader wants to discover more information. Nobody can ignore finding the answer to a secret.

2. Concentrate On Quality Not Quantity

The quality, not the quantity, of your email list will determine its profitability. Don’t be solely focused on increasing the opt ins. Instead, focus your attention on getting the best possible leads to join your email list.

That means being very targeted in how you approach sourcing your leads. A list with 100 people, who are incredibly interested in finding a solution to their problem, will perform much better than a list of 1000 people who are only slightly interested in what you have to say.

3. It’s OK To Email Often

Some businesses owners are scared to email often because that it will increase the amount of unsubscribe. However if you are sending out good quality content you should not be afraid to mail every day. You can even include an offer with your emails. However, you must also include valuable, free information that helps your reader with whatever problems that are facing. Remember, if you lead with value then mailing frequency will not hurt sales.

4. Use An Interesting Subject Line

As the famous copywriter Joe Sugarman once noted, the sole purpose of headline is to get the viewer to read the first line. The same could be said of the subject line of an email. It doesn’t matter how good the offer is or how interesting the email, if the subject line isn’t interesting it won’t matter because nobody will read it. If you want to increase your sales then writing better headlines should be your first step. Writing good email subject lines doesn’t require that you become a creative genius. Simply copy what is already working for other marketers.

Here is a little trick. Create a new email account and sign up for some of the email newsletters of the best marketers in your industry. Every couple of days check your inbox and scan through the email subject lines. See which subject lines make you want to read the email. Then make a note of this subject line and change it slightly for your own email marketing. By using this method you will be using only the most effective subject lines.

5. Include a P.S.

Studies have show that end of an email is the second most viewed part of an email. Many people will skim over the content with their eyes naturally falling on the end of the email. Others will skip right to the end, after reading your opening paragraph. This is why it is key that you include a P.S. at the end of your email. By including a sales offer in your P.S. you will increase sales without having to do a lot of work.

Essential Email Marketing Metrics To Monitor

One of the nice things about online marketing is you can get nearly instant feedback about what you’re doing. This is also true for email marketing. Let’s look at the metrics that you should focus on to analyze how well your email marketing is performing so you can refine your efforts for greater success:

1. Delivery Rate

Although this metric isn’t super detailed, it’s the best way to ensure there isn’t a technical problem or glitch with your email marketing setup. As long as the majority of emails you send are being delivered, you’ll know that everything’s good with your server and all your other configuration details.

When you’re looking at your delivery rate, you may also notice a metric known as bounce rate. It simply refers to the percentage of emails that aren’t successfully delivered to an inbox. Hard bounces are permanent errors, indicating that the email address isn’t valid and should be deleted. Soft bounces indicate a transient error, such as full inbox.

2. Growth

It’s very useful to not only know if your list is growing, but also how quickly and by how much. The reason this metric can be useful in guiding your email marketing is because it can help you pinpoint what works best for bringing new subscribers for your list.

For example, if you notice a week where your growth rate is especially high, you’re going to want to look at what type of content you published on your blog that week. If you realize that the type or focus of what you published was different than normal, it’s probably an indication that you should continue doing more content in the same vein.

3. Unsubscribe Rate:

It’s inevitable that people will leave your list. Interests and priorities change, so you should expect to see a low, but relatively steady number of unsubscribes. Of course it can also be the case that some people are not satisfied with or even dislike the content you email them. And it’s usually the latter that leads to the sudden spikes of unsubscribes that you need to keep an eye out for, so that you can track what caused offense and avoid repeating the same mistake again.

4. Click-throughs

The reason this metric is absolutely crucial is it let’s you know how many people actually looked at the email you sent. You can craft an incredible email, but if very few people open it, the results the email generates are going to be minimal. This truth is why learning how to write effective subject lines is so important. While there is a fair amount of art to writing killer subject lines, by using click-through data, you can get feedback on what you’re trying instead of feeling like you’re stumbling around blindly.


One of the big benefits of email is it not only allows you to connect with potential and existing customers, but it also makes it easy for those people to share with others. If you send an email that someone feels will be useful for a friend or family member, they can forward it with just two clicks of their mouse.

What’s helpful about looking at how much of this type of activity is being done is it will give you insight into what types of emails are most appealing. Since what people want can vary by industry, getting this feedback can put you on the right track. For example, one business may discover that emails with special discounts get the most traction, while another business may find that they get the most traction from email content that’s focused on educating and informing.

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