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How Content Marketing Helps Find Customers


How Content Marketing Helps Find Customers

As the name indicates, content marketing is an advertising strategy that places the primary focus upon the content that is produced. In the last several years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of advertisers who are placing an emphasis on producing relevant and fresh content to engage the attention of consumers.

In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity, it is more important than ever to produce content that is going to keep the attention of consumers who are constantly being bombarded by advertisements from all different directions. The world famous Coca Cola Company has even made content marketing the sole focus of their Content 2020 strategy for advertising.

Any business, regardless of its size, can successfully engage in content marketing. There are many global brands that have successfully engaged in content marketing, but it can also be used to an advantage by small businesses and startups. So how exactly does content marketing assist in recruiting customers? There are three primary reasons:

1) It leverages knowledge of consumer behaviors to a company’s advantage.

Volkswagen is an excellent example of a global business brand that is well aware of the fact that their primary client base is technologically sophisticated and enjoys social networking. Utilizing this knowledge to their advantage, Volkswagen created a campaign that was designed to connect with the targeted demographic within their environment, which is the mobile world.

With an initial investment of only $500,000.00, Volkswagen created an app entitled Real Racing GTI. This app was able to leverage their clients’ love of gaming, and it enabled the gamers to share the results of their playtime with others through social media platforms, like Facebook. By using this knowledge, Volkswagen was able to create an authentic brand relationship with their clients that evoked a deep emotional connection.

2) It encourages conversation.

One of the primary goals of content marketing is to encourage and provoke conversations that encourage conversation 365 days out of the year. Tipp-EX is an example of a company that successfully pulled off provoking these conversations. Their “Bear Is Shot by a Hunter” video campaign went viral, and it created the reaction, action, and conversation that they were looking for out of their targeted demographic.

With this video, a viewer was able to watch the video and then enter a word of their choice into a space that had been whited out, and then replay the video to watch a revised story. There were an unlimited number of options for a viewer to experiment with. As a result of the video’s popularity, the press coverage for Tipp-EX, through press, radio, and television, resulted in extraordinary brand exposure. On average, a viewer spent 6 minutes playing with the video, which is much more than the average consumer spends on a single landing page.

3) It creates deep, emotional connections.

Ikea is a prime example of a company that successfully created an emotional connection with their targeted demographic via a Facebook campaign that was promoting the opening of a new store in Sweden. Images of the new store’s showroom were uploaded to Facebook. The first Facebook user that tagged their name to a specific picture won the product in question. As a result of the campaign’s popularity, Ikea received brand exposure through print, television, Twitter, and the blogosphere.

In short, content marketing enables specific, targeted communities to promote the brand for the business, and this is what triggered such astronomical results for these brands. If you have not already begun to leverage the power of content marketing on behalf of your business, now is the time to do so. It will be one of the wisest investments you have ever made.

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