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5 Ways to Diversify your SEO Efforts


5 Ways to Diversify your SEO Efforts

When it comes to your SEO efforts, this year is going to be about diversification. Long gone are the days where you could throw up 1,000 crappy backlinks with the same anchor text and expect to rank. To help you become a better SEO professional, here are five ways you can start diversifying:

#1 Your Anchor Text

No longer do you want to think about your “anchor text” most of the time. If all of your incoming backlinks have the same anchor text, how is Google going to perceive this? It’s not going to look natural, right? While it’s okay to build backlinks, try to get the good links. I know it’s been said a million times, but the good and natural links with random anchors are going to be so much better than low-grade blog comments and forum signatures.

#2 Watch Your Links

With so many different types of links out there, don’t just focus on one skill set. Instead of attacking guest posts, try to mix it up a bit. Try to get social media links, resource links, charity links and more. I think you get the point here. The more diversified your links are, the more natural you’re going to look to the search engines. It’s also going to help your website in terms of SEO because if you think about it, what happens if those types of links become useless?

#3 More Than SEO

In this Facebook and Twitter world, there is so much traffic out there that doesn’t come from search engines. Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or a popular website, you shouldn’t focus solely on your search engine efforts. Remember, if you’re looking to get linked from a popular site, it’s so important that you have something of quality. If you’re just making yet another tech blog that is no different than the rest, why should someone link to it?

#4 Don’t Be Boring

Try to switch up your point of view once in a while. While visitors may be coming to your blog to see what you have to say, it doesn’t hurt to get a few more contributors to jump on board. Even if you don’t have the money to pay them, offer them other incentives such as a backlink, a chunk of the advertising money, etc. Here, you have to be unique. By changing up your voice, you could reach different visitors.

#5 Spend Money Wisely

If you’re running a business that has the money to spend, don’t just start throwing it around like candy. Instead, be sure to learn how split test and work with ads. If you haven’t already done so, there are so many great tools and resources out there that can teach you the art of PPC. Sure, you’re probably wondering, “Hey! This has nothing to do with SEO!” Well, as we all know, SEO is a patient game and the longer you work at it, the more benefits you can receive. IN the meantime, for those that don’t have a lot of SEO power, there may be no choice but to turn to something such as PPC. While there is nothing wrong with PPC, just make sure that you’re testing, getting the right audience and getting the most for your click.

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