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Email Marketing: How To Get Your Email Into Gmail’s Primary Tab


Email Marketing: How To Get Your Email Into Gmail’s Primary Tab

Online marketers always want to know how to optimize their email marketing for maximum open and response rates. Because Google categorizes emails from the inbox into tabs, using the Gmail Tabs feature, email marketers face another hurdle. Incoming emails are filtered to display in different tabs, based on what type of email they are. Most promotional emails are sorted accordingly into the Promotions tab, where they compete for attention with all the emails from other companies trying to advertise their products and services.

An overwhelming number of people now use Gmail as their main email service, so it is important to understand the new Gmail Tabs. So we need to try and get customers and prospects to move our email messages from the Promotions tab into the Primary tab, where emails from friends, work and other important senders are stored. How do you make the leap into the Primary tab?

1. It all Starts with the Subject Line

Few people open emails with boring subject lines, or ones that look like spam (think “Make TONS of $Money$ Working from Home!!!”), and many people will also pass over long subject lines. If they have to read an entire sentence just to figure out what the email is about, you’ve already lost them. Keep your subject line short, relevant to the body of your email and interesting. Perk readers’ interest with something they haven’t heard before or hint at an intriguing offer.

2. Get Personal

The most obvious way to do this is to merge in subscribers’ first names or other personal information, but you can go beyond that. If you have an email marketing program that provides you with detailed report data for your subscribers (if you don’t have that type of service, you should!), you can segment subscribers based on their individual interests. Rather than sending the same email newsletter to everyone, send subscribers different messages based on their purchase history and any previous emails you know they have already opened. It is a fact that targeted emails are more likely to be opened and read.

3. Offer Value

If you make the subscriber glad that they opened your email newsletter, they will make sure they read future emails from you! They will also be more likely to re-categorize you as Primary to make sure they don’t miss out on your emails. Add value: give them something they can take away. Promote a contest you are running, offer them a special deal, make them laugh with an entertaining video, provide them with tips and tricks they can use. Anything that will make a subscriber think, “I’m glad I didn’t skip this email!”

4. Keep a close eye on your subscriber data

After each and every send, you should review the resulting data in detail. Was there a high open rate? An above average unsubscribe rate? Who purchased? If you are not carefully examining the feedback from your subscribers and making changes to future emails based on this feedback, you are not evolving and you will not make it into the Primary tab.

Bonus tip:

Many email marketers make it unnecessarily difficult to unsubscribe from their email newsletters. The opt-out process should be as easy as one click. If you make it hard for people to unsubscribe, they will only become irritated with your company and may report you as a spam marketer. Oh no!

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