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6 Essentials Of Making Explainer Videos


6 Essentials Of Making Explainer Videos

Did you know that the attention span on the Web is a mere 9 seconds, which is the same attention span of a goldfish (According to BBC news). With a decreasing attention span on the web and a lower conversion across many industries, what can you do to get visitors more engaged to stay longer on your website? Sure you can use text, interesting titles and images but is that it? If you have not done a good job meeting your users’ needs in a fun, engaging and interesting format, they are just a click away from going to your competitors to find what they are looking for.

This is one reason many successful marketers are using promotional explainer videos more and more as part of their marketing strategy because they have been proven to capture the audiences’ attention, and engage the visitor, which ultimately leads to more conversions. Explainer videos have boomed in popularity recently where more and more websites use this as a business tool to grow their business further. Even bigger companies like Dropbox, Google, Ebay and Salesforce use explainer videos as part of their marketing strategy and there is a reason why they use this sort of video for their users.

According to Kiss Metrics “viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Visitors who watch videos stay on the site twice as long and visit twice as many pages versus those who don’t see videos. And, sharing those how-to-tutorials on Facebook further increases the retailer’s reach”.

Here are Some of the Many Reasons Why You Should Be Using Promotional Explainer Videos For Your Business…

  • Increase users’ attention span
  • Breaks down complex information into a quick and easy to understand format
  • Highlights your main selling points and what makes YOUR business different from your competitors’ (your USP). What are the benefits of using your company?
  • Improves clarity and breaks down complex points quickly and easily
  • Perfect for landing pages in your pay-per-click and social media campaigns.
  • Social media benefits- with the increasing use of Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus, people are more likely to share videos compared to articles. It also increases the chances of more exposure and your video to go viral.
  • SEO benefits-When you have a video embedded into your page (considered it’s an engaging video), the chances are that others may share it and therefore you get back-links naturally. Getting back-links naturally is the way to go after the latest Google Penguin updates. Google loves videos which is why you see more and more videos in the search results pages (SERPs)
  • Increase Retention-When you include more senses, your website will become more memorable compared to just static text which everyone uses nowadays. Diversify your content mix and you will cater to more people.
  • Use your video to advertising on Google Display Network and reach millions of people with a fun and engaging explainer video.
  • Decrease your bounce rate and increase the amount of time your visitors stay on your website

Product demonstration has always been a good in-store sales technique. Explainer videos are a way of using that technique for online marketing and are increasing in popularity.

An explainer video is a short video that you put on your website giving a demonstration of the product or service that you are trying to sell without giving the audience the feeling that you are making a sales pitch.

When made and used properly, an explainer video can be valuable in increasing the viewer’s confidence in the product and speeding up the buying decision. Here are six things to keep in mind while making explainer videos.

1. Your Video Need Not Be Viral

A viral video is always great to have because people tend to share the link on social networking sites. However, don’t underestimate the effort involved in making a good viral video. The extra effort and resources spent on making a viral video could be better spent elsewhere. This does not mean that the video should be a boring description of the product. A good video is one which engages the viewer and explains how the product or service becomes a solution to the viewer’s needs or problems.

2. A Product Demo Alone Is Not Sufficient

Good explainer videos take the audience quickly through the need for the product in the first place and then walk them through the product and how it fits in as a solution to the user’s problem. Remember that there is a sales pitch here though it is not obvious. Always answer the following questions in the video:

– What is the need that this product or service fulfills?

– Why is this product or service a good option for fulfilling that need?

– How does it work?

– What to do next?

3. Keep It Short And Sweet

A long video which includes all the details is great to have when it is included with the product manual or after signing up to the service. For explainer videos keep things short and simple, say, one to two minutes.

A very short video will look like a sales pitch and will not be able to answer all the questions previously discussed satisfactorily. A video over two minutes will make the viewer abandon it midway or skim through it. Either way the purpose is defeated. Long videos also take more time to load on slower connections and people may decide not to look at it.

Just focus on the most important messages that you want to get across to your audience. You can add more videos in other sections of your site if you feel that a more detailed explanation will help convert the viewer.

4. Call To Action

At the end of the video, add a call to action. If the video is about a service, encourage the viewer to sign up and give it a try or download a trial version. If it is a physical product you could ask them to sign up for more information or make a special offer. Never leave the user without giving an indication of what he or she should do next.

5. Pay Attention To Video Quality

Quality of the video matters and a poorly made video will be seen as unprofessional. Explainer videos are best made by someone who has some knowledge about making good videos. It is best to get a professional to do it for you. This will take care of many aspects such as clarity, design, script and a high quality voice over which are essential for a video that is both interesting to watch and effectively conveys the message.

6. Pay Attention To Placement

The video should be placed prominently on your home page. It should not be relegated to some corner or be part of a list of links somewhere at the bottom. The best way to grab attention to the video is to show an interesting still of the video with a large ‘play’ button somewhere near the top of your home page.

Explainer videos can be great online marketing tools if used properly. Many websites do A/B testing of their videos to find the optimum video for their site. Even if you don’t want to do that, it is best to show your video to a few people you know who have the need for the product, but do not know much about it. Their feedback after watching the video will help you make a reasonably good assessment about its effectiveness.

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