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Are Fake Likes Still a Problem on Facebook?


Are Fake Likes Still a Problem on Facebook?

I remembered seeing this video when it came out, and thinking about how much sense it made. At the time, I was managing a FB ads campaign to increase the number of likes for a Facebook page, and it never seemed like the amount of engagement was anywhere near what it should have been.

If you didn’t watch the video, it basically describes the problem of “Fake Likes” by people who live in developing countries that are paid to like specific pages by 3rd party companies (like The problem is that if they only like the pages that pay, then their activity would look suspicious, so they like lots other random pages too, which ends up affecting people who pay for legitimate Facebook ads. Because Facebook’s content algorithm relies heavily on engagement, If you have a large percentage of fake/unengaged fans, then your posts are seen by far fewer people.

Since then, I’ve started managing a few more Facebook pages, and have also done paid Facebook ads for likes. Engagement still seems low to me, but from what I’ve heard, if you can get 1% of your followers to engage, that is really, really good (but who knows?).

So when I came across this video again, I decided to take a peek at Facebook Insights to see where the majority of followers were from.

It turns out that about 85% are from the US (after all, I did only target specific countries). So either the problem described in the video is fixed, or these “Fake Like” users have found a way to spoof their locations.

I’d love to hear others’ experiences with this.

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