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Pay Per Click versus Pay Per Impression


Pay Per Click versus Pay Per Impression

Pay Per Click

Like most advertising strategies, the income earned comes from driving traffic to your website where a purchase is made by a customer.  Pay-Per-Click is a process whereby site owners bid on particular keywords that potential customers might use while doing a search.  The Internet user enters a search term, and if it contains the keywords you purchased, your ad will appear. When a person clicks on the link on the search engine results page to enter your website, you must pay for the ad.

Pay-per-click also applies to ads placed on other websites that are related to the keywords you purchased.  Once again, when someone clicks on the ad, you will pay a per-click fee.

The ultimate goal of pay-per-click is to generate as much website traffic as possible.  The amount of the bid you place for particular keywords will determine how much you end up paying per click.  A carefully managed pay-per-click program can generate significant website traffic, which can lead to more paying customers.


Pay Per Impression

In the pay-per-impression plans, when an impression is loaded, the commission is calculated.  Normally, the commission is set in terms of cost per thousand impressions.  There are also companies that will set a flat monthly fee.

The definition of an impression is a single Web page or advertisement.  There are different ways to count impressions, so you should be careful to evaluate the terms of any commission agreement you enter into.


You can submit your website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but there are many specialty directories available also.  Many of the directories are free, while others require a fee.

Directories are organized listings of topics or areas of interest with relevant websites listed. Directories can save Internet browsers a lot of time while also driving traffic to your site.

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