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Advertising your way to an income


Advertising your way to an income

There are multiple ways to use Internet advertising to generate income.  A core element of Internet marketing is advertising, and it’s possible to take advantage of many of them for little, or sometimes, even no monetary investment.  That’s because websites and search engines have designed ways to advertise that are complementary.  In other words, you advertise and everyone involved makes money.

Streams of income from Internet advertising are generated in the following ways.

  • Links
  • Banner ads
  • E-mail marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • AdWords and AdSense (Google)
  • Other


You can generate income by establishing a set of links on the Internet.  The links can be placed in two basic ways.  Some links will be embedded into your website, and clicking on them will keep the customer on your site by sending them directly to the Web page desired.  The second set of links is those that take customers to a different website.

Internet marketing has reached a sophisticated level of strategies and techniques that allow you to drive business to your website.  The only way to make money on a website is to have visitors.  So a stream of income can be generated through well-placed links.  You will notice the term “well-placed” is used because a link placed in the wrong spot on the Internet can be fairly useless. For example, if you are selling food products containing meat, it would not make sense to place a link on a website that caters to vegetarians.  How many people do you think will click on the link leading to your site?  Not many!

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Links can work both ways.  You can place links to your website on the sites of others or other site owners may pay you to advertise on your site.  A reciprocal link program is one where you and the other site have links to each other’s sites.

Reciprocal links provide two primary benefits.  The first benefit is the fact that you increase your website traffic, which should lead to increased revenue.  The second benefit is that a reciprocal link can lead to a better search engine ranking since each customer clicking on a link to your site will count towards its ranking.

You can sell advertising spots on your website to generate income.

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