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Online business opportunities in plain sight


Online business opportunities in plain sight

There are many ways to make money on the Internet.  The discussion up to this point has been focused on adding links and ads to existing sites.  There are affiliate programs, email marketing campaigns, and many other ways to generate multiple income streams.

The inveterate Internet entrepreneur will most likely have multiple streams of income from a well-designed Internet marketing program.  But the first step before the marketing is the development of the business itself.  How can you choose the right keywords or pick an affiliate if you don’t have a well-defined business model?

The Internet is the land of opportunity and variety.  There are multiple ways to become an entrepreneur.

  • Develop your own Internet-based business
  • Buy an online franchise
  • Open a store on eBay
  • Join Yahoo Merchant Solutions
  • Sell on an auction site
  • Become an Amazon Marketplace seller
  • Become a referral service for a shopping site

This is a report on using Internet marketing to generate income and not about how to set up an Internet business, so the discussion will not go into detail on the types of businesses.  But everyone should be aware of the various types of online business formats that are now available.  Savvy Internet vendors will often combine one or more formats in order to generate maximum revenue, and that is where the power of the Internet is increased exponentially.

For example, when you visit eBay stores, there is often an embedded link on the site.  The link will take the shopper to the vendor’s Internet website where additional products or services are offered.  These vendors sell through eBay and through their own website.  It is like having two websites to attract millions of potential customers.  Income will flow from both sites.

This goes back to the idea discussed earlier.  To make full use of the Internet’s ability to generate income, you should implement more than one income-producing strategy.  In this way, there are multiple streams of income flowing at all times.

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