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What to do when your online marketing is over delivering?


What to do when your online marketing is over delivering?

We have all had experiences with email campaigns – at least in being on the receiving end.

We quickly unsubscribe those that are transparently hard sell or clearly not really interested in us or our success.

However, we tend to let some continue coming into our inbox. Why?

I think it is because
(1) the sender usually has provided something worth having
(2) they are not always about flogging products to us.
(3) we then remain hopeful that one day, they will give us the solution we are looking for.

Usually these marketers are ones who have learned to over deliver and mean it.

Thus, we can learn from them – that is, emulate them and over deliver when you market.

Sure, you have to make money – that is why you are in an online internet business. However, this doesn’t mean that you see your visitors and subscribers as wallets to be emptied.

It is about building a business relationship first – building credibility and trust, so that when you do place a product or service before your subscriber, they are open to your suggestion and more likely to become a customer.

So what does over deliver when you market mean?

Simply put, it means give more than you take. Or in another way, if you say you will do something, e.g. give a free e-book; then, also have another gift to go along with it – all without any hard sell or further obligations to buy.

Another extension of this is give good and rich information free through your free newsletter or email campaign.

Ensure that what you give is actually of real value or help – many e-books are a waste of time. Consider free software e.g. templates, plug ins.

A couple of other ideas for give-aways

  1. One thing that will tell a prospective customer that you are not only reliable, but that you give value for money is to give them a free session, a free lesson, a free consult – by phone or email.
  2. If you are promoting a coaching or mentoring course – offer them a preview through a free consult session by phone or email. Let then ask questions and also take the time to find out exactly what they need or are searching for.
  3. Another extension of this is to provide unlimited email support for those undertaking a course or service with you.
  4. Last, but not least – be honest – and if you aren’t able to help them, say so. Don’t be afraid to make referrals or recommendations for where they might be better off.

This will also tell them that you are the right person that they can deal with – now, and in the future.

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