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How to market your products using YouTube (3 ideas)


How to market your products using YouTube (3 ideas)

YouTube has become a hugely popular platform for Internet users to share their own creative content, consume the content of others and occasionally make a few bucks. And we see, time and time again, if people are crowding around a particular web service, it offers a huge potential to business. In the past few years, YouTube has vastly matured in its commercial stature. It has become increasingly easier and very accessible for businesses to reach out and communicate with YouTube users.

There is no denying that more traditional ‘net advertising is extremely valuable. The likes of Google AdSense offer fantastic services and tools to create, analyse and optimize advertising campaigns. As important as context, demographic and location targeting is, reaching out via consumer channels provides a great opportunity.

YouTube, in particular, allows businesses to communicate with new and existing customers using the very tools that are offered to ordinary visitors. And this is what makes marketing via YouTube powerful: it is typically cost effective and can very much driven by customers rather than marketing teams (for viral content). On top of this, Google provides some great tools to run many different kinds of ads on YouTube.

In this article, we’ll explore 3 ideas how your business can use YouTube as part of its marketing strategy.

1. Take a documenting, rather than promoting, approach.

YouTube is typically used to be entertained or to consume information. In terms of entertainment, you may be able to create a funny video which will spread virally and get your message across. Maybe not. It is unfortunate that good entertainment requires a particular creative mind or lots of money.

A more accessible direction is to offer information. This may be a commercial or promotional video which shows off a great product you have. But, on YouTube, you are not confined to a 15/30/60 second slot to deliver your message (as with TV).

I find a much better approach is to create documentational content. Actually show your product in actual use. Talk about it in depth and provide your own opinion. It should appear to be a more personal video: created by a person, not a business.

It may also be a good idea to get all your business’s employees involved to talk about their ideas, contributions and their current work within your organisation.

2. Promote your videos with ‘Promoted Videos’.

Your current YouTube videos are probably viewed mostly by your existing customers or users explicitly searching for your content. But it is extremely easy to target users who may be interested in your products. Promoted Videos is an easy to use marketing service from Google/YouTube which allows your videos to be featured in the sidebar and on search pages. Importantly, you are able to target users by keywords so your video gets shown to those who have a real interested in your business’s or product’s area.

3. Incorporate YouTube into your website.

There is occasionally a reluctance for businesses to use third-party ‘content’ on their own web properties. Too often, this reluctance is completely unfounded. YouTube is easy to integrate and it doesn’t make sense to attempt to reinvent the wheel. Although some may prefer a whitelabel solution – with some extra features added to it, YouTube is globally recognized and synonymous with online video. In fact I would argue, by using YouTube videos, you are making your content even more accessible: YouTube is a medium people are familiar with and are so more comfortable to share and interact with YouTube-hosted content.

You can check our YouTube channel, for some more tips and tricks (feel free to also subscribe to it):

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