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Business 101: Channeling back to your portal


Business 101: Channeling back to your portal

There is absolutely something to be said about maintaining a strong online presence for your company. This could involving maintaining an active Twitter account and an active Facebook page, for example. You may even have a good YouTube channel.

This can be easily done with our Social Plugin Bundle, made specially to fulfill this need.

However, you have to build these with a certain set of goals in mind and these goals will oftentimes lend themselves to meaning one thing: channeling those Internet users back to your own portal. In other words, you want to attract people to your website, whether it be a content-based site, an e-commerce site, or what have you.

There are two big take-home messages from this. First, make sure that the URL for your main website is easily visible and accessible across all of your social networking efforts. Most users are not going to be motivated enough to search for your site. Make it easy for them. If you use our automatic publishing plugins, this will be done automatically for you.

Second, make sure that your main website is well designed, well laid out, and properly maintained. There’s no point in channeling users to a site that is not optimized. Consider your goals — making sales, generating leads, building an audience, etc. — and design accordingly.

These are the basic steps for increasing the global awareness of your business and to drive more sales for it.

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