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Softaculous – a great tool for any entrepreneur


Softaculous – a great tool for any entrepreneur

If you are lucky, your web hosting account comes with a great little tool called Softaculous. Softaculous makes it extremely easy for you to deploy hundreds of different applications from WordPress on down to ClipBucket. Now I bet you’re thinking, “What on Earth would I use all of these different tools for?” Today we’re going to explore just that!

If you’re familiar with Wikipedia, then you have at least a rough idea of what a wiki is. Basically a wiki is a central repository for user-generated information on any topic. Public wikis include Wikipedia, Wikiquote, WikiTravel, and CookBookWiki. So what if you had your own wiki where you could document something you’re passionate about? Or perhaps something that you and a group of friends are doing, like a group vacation?

Softaculous has four different wiki software available including MediaWiki (which powers Wikipedia), DokuWiki (focused on document creation), PmWiki (focused on project management), and WikkaWiki. With just a few clicks and less than a minute to install, your own wiki could be up and running in no time!

Business software? Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of great tools available from lots of different companies all over the web to help you run your business. The downside? You have, quite literally, no control over them. You can input your data, you can often get your data back out, but you don’t have control over the web address, you typically have to pay for it on a per user basis, and that free trial runs out pretty quick if you’re not prepared to dive in right away.

Softaculous gives you easy access to 10 different business packages. Software like Vtiger CRM and SugarCRM which allow you to manage inventory, cultivate your customer and vendor relations, and so on. Or OrangeHRM, which gives you free software to manage your staff and their time. Not to mention two different invoicing, accounting, and corporate information management software.

The best part of all the software just mentioned is that they are all free. You need to put time into getting them set up the way you want, as you would with any piece of software that you get to customize at your whim. But there is no upfront cost. And for businesses that want to purchase support for the occasional time they need assistance, most offer paid support as well.

We would love to hear about your experience with Softaculous, and which software you used Softaculous to install!

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