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Creating an online action plan for your first business


Creating an online action plan for your first business

Creating an online action plan for your first business

Most people who run a business have some sort of business plan for their business. To have a successful site I suggest building an action plan, much like a business plan, for your web site. This will allow you to create a detailed schedule and budget for all your marketing needs.


The first thing you need to do is set a goal for how many visitors to or sales you want from your site each month. Once you have decided on the goal, choose from the various marketing options available to promote your site. I suggest that your strategy should encompass several different methods to increase the visitors to your site.


Now that you have a goal for number of visitors and amount of sales you want to your site, it’s time to set a budget. Be realistic.  Set an amount you can easily afford to spend each month. I suggest having a budget minimum of $50. There is a lot you can do to market yourself with just $50.  Some of the best marketing tools are free.

Create a Timeline

Sit down and write a timeline of when you want to implement each marketing tool. Determine how long you want to spend on each strategy and in what order they should be done. If you are trying out a new marketing medium, I suggest that you do a small test to see how well it works. Many advertisers will want you to commit your whole budget to them, promising extraordinary returns, but I suggest you resist the urge and only do a small test run in order to calculate just how great a return on your investment you will actually make.

Tracking Results

If you do any marketing it is definitely important to track the results. You could simply track visitors to your site using web stats, but then you won’t know where those visitors are coming from, and you won’t know if the marketing you did was effective. To track it I suggest creating mini splash pages that are geared toward a target audience. For example, if you buy a banner on a site, make it so the clicks go to a page that says something like: “Welcome visitor from X site”.  This will not only help you track traffic from that specific banner, but will help with conversions if you are selling something.

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