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Not just for breakfast any more


Not just for breakfast any more

Not just for breakfast any more

If you haven’t already heard of the web stat service called Crazy Egg that provides you with a visual representation of your site visitors, you should check it out now. It gives you a better idea of the behavior of your site visitors. Crazy Egg allows you to try new designs and understand what placement works better. Crazy Egg will track where on your website your visitors are clicking. With this detailed information you can decided how to better layout your site to accomplish your site goals.

Crazy Egg has four different plans to choose from ranging from free up to $99 per month. The free version allows you to track up to 5000 visitors per month. The stats are updated hourly.

There are also 3 views you can choose from to review the information.

The overlay view provides details on each element of your site. It shows how many clicks and where those clicks were made. Each element that is clicked on is given a dot. The dots are color coded for yellow to red. The lighter the dot the fewer the clicks. You can hoover over the dots and it will tell you exactly how many clicks or click on the dot and it will open to show you a percentage.

The list views provides a full summary of the raw click details. You can see the most popular links on your site. See what type of element it is and the percentage of the clicks.

The heat map view allows you to see what is hot or not on your site. This gives you a general idea of where on your page people are clicking.



The information you can see from Crazy Egg is valuable when you sell something online. It lets you see the behaviour of your customers and tweak how your layout is to maximize your sales. I suggest you sign up for a free account at Crazy Egg and test it yourself.

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