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If you are new to WordPress, these questions come in everyone’s mind. Vs Which is better for you? How to choose WordPress sites? Our goal for writing this post is to clarify your doubts.

What is is a ‘self-hosted WordPress’. is where you can grab your copy of the WordPress Blogging/Content Management System (CMS) software for free. You can also find your hosting company to house your WordPress site. The one who is using this site will have full control on the WordPress. But the only limitation is you must use only the allotted resources. It also consists of the community forum where you can ask doubts or even help to other users by providing the answers. You can also customize it by installing the WordPress themes (free or paid), WordPress Plugins (free or paid) and can customize any code.

What is is a commercial site where you can host your site for free but has some limitations. You have to pay for the additional features if you want to upgrade on the site. The additional features include Plugins, themes, storage, no ads, etc. All you need to do is sign up and choose your blog name, then design your site. You are not able to use free plugins and themes. Even if you upgrade the WordPress blog, you will not have the full control on accessing the files and databases. Vs

One of the best features of the WordPress is simple to use. But there are two variations i.e. and With these two options available to use, it is difficult to know which is the best option. Based on the blogger requirement the option will be selected. Hence we provided Vs for helping you to choose the option. These factors included based on three factors

  • Cost.
  • Freedom and limitations.
  • Maintenance and development.

These factors tell about the pros and cons of the and

 Differences between and regarding cost

Hosting your site on is free. Depending on the type of extension, the cost may vary. For example, .com has $18 per year and .me has $25 per year.

The cost comparison mainly focuses on four areas which have different costs associated with each of it. A free, basic WordPress plan is the least expensive plan where modifications do not allow. It means, not allows to use free themes and plugins.

If you want all features like domain name, large space, no advertisements then it is quite expensive.

If cost is an important consideration then downloading the files from the is the best option.

There exist three plans namely

  • WordPress beginner
  • Premium plan
  • Business Plan

WordPress beginner plan is free, and it doesn’t contain any Plugins, Themes and Domain name.

A premium plan includes domain registration  13 GB of storage space, no ads, custom design capability, VideoPress and emails support for $99 per year and per blog.

A business plan includes all the features of a premium plan, plus eCommerce capability, unlimited storage space, unlimited premium themes and live chat support for $299 per year and per blog.

The features that you upgrade on the site are…..

  • Domain registration – $5
  • Domain mapping – $13
  • VideoPress – $60
  • Custom design – $30
  • Space upgrade – $20 – $290
  • No ads – $30
  • Site redirect – $13
  • Unlimited premium themes – $120
  • Premium theme – from $20, one-off fee
  • Guided transfer – $129, one-off fee

You can also download the copy of the CMS software for free. But hosting your WordPress site costs money. You can choose different hosting companies and domain name as well.

The costs of the different hosting companies are different. You can also choose either VPS or Dedicated server for hosting. Only a few people can share on the VPS while none for the Dedicated servers.

The cost of the domain name is also very low. For the top generic domain names like .com, .org etc. cost is $10 per year.

No matter which domain name and hosting company, you will have full control on all domains, files. Vs Freedom and Limitations

Hosting your site with the has some limitations. The folks at are running a business. They maintain the software so you are not able to touch the code. The limitations are….

  • Limited Monetization: You are not allowed to sell the adds unless you reach the 25,000 page views per month.
  • Only Limited Plugins are allowed: You cannot upload any free or paid or custom Plugins.
  • Limited theme support: Limited free themes are available. You can pay for upgrading the theme support.
  • No FTP access: Has no permission to access the files or any other database.
  • Storage space: Storage Space is low, must pay to acquire more space. also has some limitations and advantages.When you set up your Blog using WorPress on your server, you will have full control on all files, databases, etc.

  • A lot of free or paid Plugins are available.
  • Also unlimited theme support is available.
  • You can access any files using FTP.
  • You can sell the ads and can earn money through Google Adsense and other ways.
  • Unlike, you have to pay for the domain name.
  • Have to pay for hosting the site.

WordPress free Vs Paid in terms of Maintenance and Development

No matter which site you choose, developing the site is a major factor. Take a look at Vs to know how to maintain and develop the site.

In, the maintenance will look after by the folks. Includes, software management, security, spam control, etc. You won’t have to update the site even new versions are released.

Unlike hosting your site with, you are responsible for all the issues. These issues include

  • Installing and setting up the WordPress site.
  • Upgrading the version when new WordPress versions are released.
  • Protect from the hackers and spam.
  • Update themes and Plugins regularly.
  • Backup of the site if any break occurs.
  • Resolve the problems which occur on the site.

How to pick either .com or .org?

Both of these are great options and the best one is decided by the plan you consider for the site. If you want a simple blog or to maintain a personal site, it is better to go for the Free When money is a major problem free WordPress is the option because it is least expensive.

Opposite, if you want full control over Plugins, themes, design site then pick the self-hosted If you are a personal blogger and not want to earn money free WordPress is best. For, you have to buy the custom domain ($17 per year), pay for ad-free option ($29.97 per year), and custom design upgrade ($30 per year). That total is $76.97, and still you are not in full control.

If blogging is a career for you, then choose Self-hosted WordPress. Often people say that it costs money. For a small site, it is cheaper. You can use Bluehost (recommended by WordPress) which costs $3.95 per month and $47.5 per year. It gives a free domain name. If you are not satisfied with that name, go for other web hosting companies for the domain name. You can get a domain name from GO DADDY for $10. Hence the total of $57.4 and you will have a full control. Since we have given the complete details about Vs, you can choose the site based on your plan and requirement.

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