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WordPress – Get a better understanding about the WordPress software


WordPress – Get a better understanding about the WordPress software

What is WordPress?

WordPress is started by Matt Mullenweg in the year 2003. With the help of Matt Little, they developed first version of WordPress as a Blogging software. After the first release as blogging tool, they developed the WordPress software as a full content management system which can develop any type of website you want. With the use of this application, you can develop the simple blog or even online portfolios for designers, eCommerce websites and more.

In past, creating and maintaining the website is a big challenge to the owners. But after the evolution of WordPress, creating the website and maintaining a website is became easy for the developers and website owners. It was evolved as well architecture publishing system which is built on PHP and MYSQL. This is a publishing software which focuses on great user experience, ease of use and speed.

Content Management System

Till now we have talked about Content Management System. By the way, you may have a question like What is Content Management System? Yes it’s very important to clear doubts at all points. Please submit your question in comments in case of any queries.

Content Management System is an application software which supports the creation and modification of digital content. CMS uses a common user interface and supports multiple users working under collaborative environment.

Types of Content Management Systems:

There are 3 types of CMS which are listed below.

  • Enterprise Content Management(ECM)
  • The Web Content Management System(WCMS)
  • Component Content Management System(CCMS)

WCMS is designed to support management of web pages. There are several options while picking CMS for your project. Some of the examples of CMS on the web are listed below

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Expression Engine
  5. Test Pattern and many more.

Depending on your requirement, you can select the correct pick of CMS. To know more about CMS and selection of CMS for your project, check Top 10 usable CMS for The Web.

Why WordPress?

Among this wide range of web CMS, why we pick WordPress? The answer to this question is simple. WordPress is PHP blogging platform and the most popular CMS all over. It’s really a great platform for beginners as they provide excellent documentation and quick installation wizard. WYSIWYG editor helps to the users who doesn’t have knowledge of HTML. It has built in image and multimedia uploading support.

WordPress How To?

By the time you may probably ask “how can i get it?”

WordPress is free!!! Yes, that’s correct. It’s free for all.

There are two ways to install WordPress on your site. The first way is you can download WordPress for self-hosted installation from And the second way is you can sign up for, and they will do everything about hosting for your site. You just need to concentrate on your content. (Self hosting) vs (Free Hosting)

There will be no barrier for WP experts while choosing or But while starting as a beginner, this question is very common in everyone’s mind. Which one is best for starting our website? To clarify this question, we are providing the pros and cons of both sites. So that based on your requirement, you can easily select which option is best for you.

By end of this post you will get clarity on the how to select between and

The major difference between and is who is hosting your website. Then why late? Let’s start comparison quickly.

Overview of (Self Hosting) is where you can download the WordPress software at free of host, and you have to install this WordPress software on your blog or website. Simply means you have to host blog or website on your own. They don’t provide hosting services. The WordPress software is up to date. Whenever they release the new version, it will automatically update in the backend.

This WordPress software is absolutely free that means that you are a free bird to do what ever you would like to do using this WordPress software. It’s up to you whether you would like to modify the piece of code or even you can rename it, or you can add a piece of code if you want.

We can create as many websites by using WordPress. Even it provides thousands of free and premium themes and plugins you make use of. That means you will have full control over this WordPress software. But it too has a limitation. i.e. you will need a web host and hosting is not free. One click installation of WordPress makes the setup very quick and easy. Not only hosting, but you also need to pay for the Domain as well.

So now it’s very clear that if you were going for this version of WordPress. You need to remember few things into consideration. They are as follows

  • You need to purchase a domain name.
  • You need to purchase Hosting from any of the web hosting providers for which you need to pay monthly or yearly based on the package.
  • You need to install the script yourself which you may feel like a bit tough work. But don’t worry most of the hosts are providing “one- click installation” feature. Through this feature, you can easily install the WordPress software.

We will provide you the various ways of installing WordPress in step by step in the next article. Let’s see the pros and cons at glance

Pros of

  1. Full control over your website and flexible
  2. It’s completely free and easy to use
  3. You can use any plugin… No restrictions
  4. You can install any theme and customize it if necessary
  5. You can use custom analytics and tracking tools
  6. You can earn money by any ways (placing your own ads, Google Adsense and use it for Affiliate and more ways)

Cons of

  1. You need to take care of Domain and Hosting. This requires you to pay a bit higher based on selected package.
  2. You are solely responsible for all updates and security. WordPress updates are easy to do. No issues. But coming to security, you need to take precautions.
  3. You have to take care of site Backup. Backup is a necessary thing you have to do regularly. Otherwise, you may lose data when there are hosting issues or any other issues occurred. Well, there are lots of plugins which do this work for you. You will learn about plugins later in this tutorial. Or jump directly to WP Plugins
  4. No support will be given.
  5. You are responsible for SPAM messages. But no need to worry if you enable Akismet plugin which comes in built with WordPress.

Overview of (Free Hosting)

The heading itself is saying that provides Free hosting. That means you don’t need to pay a penny for the purpose of Hosting. That’s really a good news right!!!

With, you don’t need to download and install WordPress software, pay for domain or hosting, and manage a web server. Everything is taken care by team. All you have to do is just sign up for and follow the steps. So finally you just need to concentrate on content which you want to place on your website. No need to learn or worry about the technical issues.

If you are following us correctly, you will get a question in mind by this time that why they are doing for free? Why are they giving free hosting and support? Did you get this question in your mind right? Yep! Here’s is the trick. They make money by displaying text adverts on our website. And not only this, they will also charge for additional services like premium themes, plugins, and backup services.

We told you that they would provide free domain and host right. But a small loop hole is behind the scene. You are Eager to know what it is right. It’s simple they provide us free sub-domain which will be in the format of This is really a good option for people who want to learn website creation and for people who can’t afford. But it doesn’t look good if you are going to use this sub-domain for business purpose. So the solution is you have to purchase domain name and point it to your site if you like.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of this method

Pros of

  1. Free and easy to setup
  2. Technical knowledge is not required. Easy to use for beginners
  3. Regular backups for your site. No need to worry about data loss. Tension free
  4. It’s free up to 3 GB space. Later you need to pay for space.
  5. Fully Secured. Your website will be hosted on secured servers which are controlled by Automattic
  6. They don’t charge for Maintenance. 100% free.
  7. Team support is included. In case of any issues, they provide support.

Cons of

  1. If you plan to use your own domain, you need to pay for it.
  2. Limited number of plugins. You need to move to VIP Program if you want to customize it. VIP Program is very costly.
  3. Limited number of themes. You have to use those boring themes which are already used by millions of sites. They do offer CSS upgrade. Through this, you can change the color of your site. But it doesn’t allow to add custom codes to it.
  4. Need to pay for storage after crossing 3 GB.
  5. Ahh you are not allowed to place ad units and sell ads on your website until the website reaches 25k pageviews per month. And there after you have to apply for Ad control. They don’t take any money for approval, but the condition here is that you have to share your revenue with them 50/50. It’s Tricky.
  6. They restrict you to use their analytics. You can’t use custom analytics software as you can’t add custom code.
  7. They have full permissions to delete your website at any point if they feels that your site violates the Terms and conditions.

After knowing all these pros and cons of both methods, if you want to move your site from to then follow How to move your site

Which option is best for you? COM or ORG?

If you want to start a blog or website for personal use, means you don’t want to make money from it. Then our suggestion is to pick If you want to start a blog or website as your career and wants to make money from it, then in this case our suggestion is to pick You may think that self-hosting is very costly but actually NO. For smaller site, it is very cheap. The cost will vary based on site.

You may think like is there any factor to consider another cost? Well. The answer is simple. It’s you. You are the deciding factor. It’s your site. It’s completely your wish how you present your website.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend you to pick because full control of your website will be in your hands. But the final choice is yours. Think well and pick best method.

Features of WordPress

WordPress has several inbuilt features which makes it out standing. However, it has thousands of plugins which help to extend it’s performance. It is free open source software. That means you can extend or modify the code whatever you want. This is the beauty of free open source software. Free open source refers not in terms of pricing but also you will have full control over it.

Below are the some most important features

  • Flexibility – You can create your own website whatever it is like a personal blog or website, Government website, Photography site, News site, Forum website, online community and more. It provides so much flexibility to design your website with the use of themes and can extend functionality with plugins
  • Ease of Use – It allows you to create content in the form of posts and pages and format them easily. Your content goes live with just one click.
  • Publishing Tools – It makes easy to manage the content whether it is in draft or published state. You can make your content public or private. You can schedule the publication of your content. It provides option to secure pages with password
  • User Management – Generally in a website, there should be different levels of access. Because everyone should not access the whole site like Administrators, editors, authors and etc. It made user management very easy with user roles and permissions.
  • Media Management – It allows you to easily upload images and videos and insert them into the content. It has features like add alt text, title for the media for the purpose of SEO.
  • Plugins Extension – By default some plugins will be installed with it. For the sake of users who want to extend their functionality, it provides thousands of free WordPress plugins and premium plugins.
  • Search Engine Optimized – For any website, SEO is the most important to get identified in search engines. This application did this for you to some extent. Awesome right!!! Yep WordPress is optimized for Search engines out of the box. For more SEO control, there are plenty of plugins which you may use of.
  • Multi-Lingual – It is available in 70+ languages. If you want build the website in your native language, then WordPress made it easy to you.
  • Easy installation and upgrades – You can install WordPress with few simple steps. Want to know how to install, check our article How To Install WordPress Software. Most of the hosts offer one-click installation feature. And upgrading WordPress is also simple.
  • Comment tools – Comments made the content engaged with one another. Using WordPress comment tools, you can do everything you need to be a forum for the discussion, and even you can moderate the discussion.
  • Easy site import – If you want to move your blog or website from your current hosting company, this WordPress software made easy for you. You can easily import your site without any hassle.
  • Own your data – It’s a common fact that hosted companies come and go, but your content goes long live. Using this WordPress software, you can own your data ie. Content, data, website.
  • Community – We know that WordPress is most popular CMS used all over internet. It has very supportive community. You can ask a question at any time and you will get help from volunteers.
  • Contribute – You can contribute to WordPress as well. You can be volunteer to answer questions, write documentation for WordPress, translate it into other languages. It always opens door for the volunteers.
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