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WordPress Dashboard – Login and customize your WordPress Admin Dashboard


WordPress Dashboard – Login and customize your WordPress Admin Dashboard

By now you may have completed installation of WordPress for your website. Missed this step? Please go through the previous article How to Install WordPress and come back. Once you are done with WordPress installation, you will have login credentials to access your WordPress admin dashboard. No, you can access WordPress Dashboard Login page and see admin page using those credentials.

WordPress Dashboard Login

WordPress Dashboard is the place where you can customize your website. You can do wonders here. Don’t get rush!!! We will teach you step by step on how to login to WordPress and customize your dashboard. If you have installed WordPress on a new domain that is not yet pointed to your hosting provider then, you can’t access dashboard unless the DNS changes take effect. Can’t wait till your DNS changes get effected? In that case, setup WordPress using temporary URL. Read our article How to Setup WordPress using Temp URL.

Pre-requisites to Access WordPress Dashboard
You need the following details to access your WordPress admin area for your website.
• Login URL: Format of URL is very easy to remember. If you have installed WordPress on the root of the domain, then the URL for accessing WordPress dashboard login page will be Or if you have installed under sub-domain, then WordPress sign in URL becomes
• Username: While installing WordPress, you have given admin username right. We asked you to make a note for this purpose only.
• Password: This is the password you have entered while setting up WordPress. If you don’t remember username or password, then you can get it in the email you receive after successful completion of WordPress.

Steps to login to WordPress Dashboard

Now you have all details required to login to WordPress admin panel. Simply follow the below steps.
1. Open a web browser and launch the WordPress website login URL which we have explained above. This WordPress dashboard login page looks like below image.

2. Enter the username and password used while installing WordPress. After successful login, you can see the dashboard which will look like below.

If you are facing any issues while logging into WordPress website, then please check out below.

Unable to Login to WordPress

There can be major 2 reasons behind for WordPress login failure. Ofcourse, there may be several reasons for getting an error for WordPress signup. Please check the below reasons one by one and verify your issue.
• Wrong Username or Password – Kindly check that you have entered correct username and password. If you forgot the password, you could reset it by simply clicking on “Forgot Password” link.
• WordPress login temporarily disabled – If you get this message saying that your WordPress dashboard login is disabled. Then it means that you have attempted so many login attempts which result your login is disabled. This is may be due to Brute force attack. The solution for this is to change/hide your WordPress dashboard login page, and another option is to block all access except your IP address. To know more details, check out WordPress Dashboard Login Temporarily Disable article.

Customize your WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is the Home page which appears after logging into your WordPress. WordPress Dashboard is the place where you can quickly see the glimpses of the content.

We can say in simple words that WordPress admin dashboard gives the overview of the website. We can perform so many actions quickly directly from the dashboard. Dashboard displays the data in the form of blocks which are called as Widgets. You can customize the dashboard area that means you can hide unnecessary widgets and display your required widgets.
The Dashboard screen contains the top menu, left menu and the widgets area. Top menu shows your profile and shortcuts to create anything such as post, page, etc. The left menu shows the various options to the user. Now let’s dig into the main part of the dashboard i.e. Widget area.

Dashboard Widgets

The widgets you can access directly from your dashboard are as following
• Welcome to WordPress
• At a Glance
• Activity
• Quick Draft
• WordPress News
• Custom Dashboard Widgets
These widgets are available by default on installing WordPress. Let’s go through these widgets one by one.

Welcome to WordPress:

Welcome to WordPress widget gives a helping hand for the beginners who just came into the world of WordPress. This widget will be displayed on the top of the dashboard screen. It suggests the user what they can do to their website using WordPress such as Customize your site and many more actions. It also provides links to create a post, page, and link to view your website. You can view your website directly with this click. You can manage widgets, menus and comments settings. Getting started guide will help you for starting your work in WordPress.
If you don’t wish to display this Welcome widget, you can remove it by clicking Dismissing it. This welcome widget will be very useful for beginners. And you can always enable it via ‘Screen-options’ dropdown.

At a Glance:

This widget name itself is saying that it will offer ‘at-a-glance’ look to your Posts, pages, and comments. You can get which theme you are using. This summary data is given in the form of links. So you can directly access the particulars by simply clicking on it. It will give you an overview of the spam message in your queue and the WordPress version you are using.

It has the ability to display additional information such as if any plugins are activated to block spam message etc.


Activity widget is all about the recent activities on your website. This means the recent posts that you have published and few latest comments that are received. Just check the image below.

It shows the filter for selecting comments such as All, Pending, Approved, etc. You can perform various actions by simply hovering over them. You can approve, reject, reply, edit and much more.

Quick Draft:

The purpose of Quick Draft widget is to allow the user to create post easily and instantly. For this, you just need to enter post title and post content. This is the basic version of creating the post. There is no visual editor.

The idea behind Quick Draft is simple. IT’s useful to create a thought of post and complete the full post at the later time.

WordPress News:

This is the latest news from the official WordPress. It helps to know what are the latest updates in the WordPress. WordPress News widget gives an overview on what the WordPress developers are doing, and any recent version updates are available. Not only this, security updates and news can also be updated.

If you want to keep up to date with the WordPress technology, just keep an eye on this regularly to know more updates.

Custom Dashboard Widgets:

The widgets displayed on the dashboard are not restricted. You can add or remove the widgets based on your requirement. Many plugins will add a widget by default on activating it.

If you have added analytics plugin or SEO plugin, then you can simply check the stats over the dashboard in the widget.

Screen Options:

Screen options is a great feature which is available in WordPress. It is available in all screen not only on the dashboard page. Screen options will vary based on the screen it is displaying. The screen options contain the widgets you are able to see.
You can add or hide widgets using screen options. Screen options look like the below image.

To add a widget, just click on Screen Options arrow, then check the checkbox before the feature you want to add. The similar process is applicable for hiding widget i.e. uncheck the checkbox.


WordPress Dashboard is a great tool for making your work easy. Most of the people ignore this dashboard just because they don’t know the value of Dashboard. They don’t know how to make use of it. Customize your dashboard such a way that you can easily make your work. Stay connected with us to get Best Guidance on WordPress.

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