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Resolve Login page refreshing and redirecting Error in WordPress


Resolve Login page refreshing and redirecting Error in WordPress

“Hello! Viewer”, How would you enter into your WordPress website? I know, probably your answer is “Through Login page.” Login page acts as a main door to the website. Usually, when you input your username, password and click on login button, it will lead you to your website Dashboard. But when the WordPress Login page refreshing and Redirecting Error occurs, the page redirect you to the same login page.

You may be trying reloading your browser. But the problem still arises. If this is the situation you are facing, Don’t worry. We are here to guide you how to solve this issue easily. In this article, we tell you how to break the WordPress login page redirect loop.

How to Fix Login page refreshing and redirecting error

What is error login page refreshing and redirection in WordPress?

The WordPress Login page refreshing and redirection issue is one of the most common errors in WordPressThe name itself indicates the behavior of the error. When you click on login button, the page gets refreshed and redirect you back to login page with which you have tried login before.

Why Login page refreshing and redirecting error arises?

Many causes lead you to the login page redirection error. In most of the cases, the site URL plays a major role in raising this error. WordPress plugins, corrupted files, file permissions, etc. are the root causes for this login page refreshing error in WordPress. Let us Discuss briefly how they cause this error.

Reasons for Login page redirection loop

Browser cache

Browsers Use cookies for user login authentication. They cache your login details until session closes. Sometimes this will raise an error leading you back to the same login page.

Improperly coded plugins

The Plugins that are used in your WordPress website sometimes gets corrupted and stand responsible for the cause of login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress. Especially when two plugins are incompatible with each other, they will rise errors in WordPress.

Upgrading theme

Every theme in WordPress provides specific functionalities. You can update your website with a new theme as per your requirement. Changing the theme also arise conflicts with WordPress login page.

Upgrading WordPress

To enjoy new features and new facilities, people upgrade their WordPress websites to the latest version. Upgrading your site will also be sometimes a reason for the cause of Error login page redirects to itself in WordPress.

.htaccess files

The .htaccess files are the hidden text files which play a vital role in the WordPress. They are useful in manipulating server’s service abilities. These are the distributed configuration files which are helpful in handling the configuration changes in server. WordPress use these files in managing the permalinks prettily. These files sometimes will be corrupted or will miss. Due to this reason, an error occurs which take you to the same login page.

Improperly defined URL

The WordPress site URL is also called a permalink. A permalink in WordPress is a permanent link or a web address used to connect with the content which is stored in your WordPress website database. For every page and every post, there must be a permalink which should never be changed unless the page or the post gets deleted. If this permalink is not defined properly then, a WordPress login redirection loop error rises.

If Database memory limit

This is one of the reasons which cause the WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting error in many cases. If the database memory limit exceeds, the data will overflow and the database fails in authenticating your login credentials. This will lead to an error login page.

Specifying URL differently

In many cases, people specify URL Uniquely in different locations. Let us discuss briefly. While installing your WordPress, you need to specify your WordPress site URL in the server configuration. Also, you have to specify the Url in the database. if these URLs differ from each other then, this will cause a WordPress login page error.

Session token

A session token is a piece of data used to identify the sessions uniquely. If we store token value, then sessions will become too large. This will cost a lot of memory and cause an error while logging into WordPress.

Solutions to Fix WordPress Login page refreshing and redirecting error

Till now, you have seen the reasons causing login page refresh and redirect issues in WordPress. Once you knew these reasons, it will be easy for you to solve the login page issue using the below provided solutions. Check the list and find the solution.

Backup Before you fix

It is always a good practice to have a backup for your website before you make changes to it. This will help you regain your data if your account gets collapsed accidentally.

Clear Browser Cookies

To solve the Login page refreshing error in your WordPress website, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to delete or clear your browser cookies and cache. This will help you in resolving the Login page refreshing and redirecting error.

Check your permalinks

Improperly structured Url will restrict you in logging into your WordPress site. So, when the error arises check your URL links. For this, you have to connect with your WordPress site through FTP. Select public_html folder. Inside it, you will see the wp-config.php file.

Edit the file by adding the below code to it.


Don’t forget to replace the ‘‘ with your site URL. Save changes. Hopefully, this will fix the error if it is due to the incorrect URL.

Update URL in PHPMyAdmin

After setting permalink, if you face the error you need to update the URL in the database. For this Login to your Cpanel. Under Database section, you will find PHPMyAdmin. Now you will find a list of database names on the left side. Select your database name. This will open a list of table names. Select wp-options from the list. There you can find siteURL.

Click edit and enter the URL correctly. Finally click on ‘GO’

Make sure the Url in the database is same as the Url specified in the wp-config file. This will help in fixing wp-admin redirects to wp-login error.

Disable all your plugins

The incompatibility between the plugins will raise an infinite redirect loop error in your website. To ger rid of this, deactivate all you plugins. You can do this through the FTP login. Login to your Cpanel. Search for the File Manager directory. Open the directory, and you will find a folder named wp-content. Click on it and search for pluginssubfolder. Now rename this plugin folder to any other name like” old_plugins” etc.

Renaming the folder will make the plugins disable to work. If the error in WordPress login page vanishes, then the plugins are the convicts in causing the error.

Now active the plugins one-by-one and try log into your WordPress account. Through this, you can find the defect plugin. Delete the plugin to avoid the occurrence of the error again and again.

Restore the default theme

Things may go wrong when you perform modifications in WordPress. One of them is WordPress themes.To troubleshoot whether the problem is with your new theme, you have to deactivate your current theme. This process is similar to that of plugins.

To deactivate your theme, log into your site through the admin panel. Go to wp-content/themes.

Rename this folder to any other name. This will deactivate your current theme. You may get doubt like how the theme gets deactivated when you rename it. The answer is whenever you log in, the WordPress search for the themes folder to load the current theme on your site. But when you rename it, WordPress cannot find the folder named as

The answer is whenever you log in, the WordPress search for the themes folder to load the current theme on your site. But when you rename it, WordPress cannot find the folder named as ‘themes.’ So it restores your website with the site default theme.

Reupload the WordPress files

While upgrading to a new version, sometimes you may lose the current WordPress files. This will lead to the Login page refreshing and redirecting error. To avoid this WordPress redirection error, you have to re-upload all the files especially wp-login.php.

Before this, delete all the old version files to avoid confusion. Log into your account through FTP. Go to Root directory. You will find file directories. Delete them and upload the files from new WordPress except the wp-config.php.

Delete .htaccess files

The .htaccess files will paly a vital role in WordPress. Sometimes, these files get corrupted and raise a WordPress login page error. The files also disappear sometimes causing an error. To get out of this error, you have to log in to your account using FTP.

Go to the root directory you will find the .htaccess file. Right-click on it and select delete option. This will solve your problem with login page loop redirect, if it is due to the corrupted .htaccess file.

This is not over. Immediately after login to your account, you need to go to Permalinks and just click on ‘save changes’ button. This will create a new .htaccess file.

Increase memory limit

Sometimes when you try configuring something, you wil get an error message “Allowed Memory size xxx bytes exhausted”. This says that the memory allocated for PHP has been used up. To increase the memory limit in your database, Edit wp-config.php and add the following line of code.

1define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', 'xxM' );

Here the xxM denotes the memory size in MB.

NOTE: Some hosts won’t allow you to increase the memory. So this is the case, contact your host team to increase the memory limit.

Clear session token value

In the database, sessions are assigned for each user task. These sessions will hold a value for their unique identification. This will lead to WordPress login error. To get rid of this error login to your Cpanel. Select PHPMyAdmin. Find your database and click on it.

Find the table named as ‘wp-usermeta. Search for the table row ‘session_token’. Click on edit and delete the value in it. Hit save. This will help you to resolve your problem while logging to WordPress site.

Define Cookie path

If none of these solutions worked for you then, Cookie path might be the error at which you are stuck. This is a very rare case causing Login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress. Try deleting the cookie path. To do this, Open ‘wp-config.php‘ and delete the following code line.

1define('ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH', '/');

This will definitely work well in fixing the WordPress wp-admin redirect problem.

Chasing the Reasons for the rise of error and Fixing the error is a bit difficult task. However, with the help of this article, we hope you successfully got rid of the WordPress refresh and redirect issue. To know more about the WordPress login errors and solutions for WordPress errors, keep following us our site

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