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Publish your WordPress Blog by different Blogging Platforms


Publish your WordPress Blog by different Blogging Platforms

The Blog get into the world when you Publish your Blog. If you are satisfied in setting up with your Blog, you can Publishing your Blog. Publishing the Blog into the world makes it popular and available to all the users.

Publish your Blog into the world

After creating the Blog, make a look throughout the blog clearly. Before publishing, reviewing is most important. Previewing the Blog is useful to find the mistakes of grammar or any other within the Blog. Bloggers came to know how they created the website and able to change the mistakes before publishing the Blog.

How to Publish Blog in WordPress?

Bloggers came across with many situations in posting the blog like their post must be visible to all users or some people. Hence there are many ways for publishing the blog. Either you can make it visible to all the users through the search engines like google, bing, etc. or some users. You can set audience to your website by using WordPress Settings such as Privacy settings or visibility in the dashboard. There are three ways to Publish your Blog or website.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Password Protection

The following image shows the ways to publish the website using the visibility. The visibility is marked in the image.

Publishing Your Blog: Public Mode

If the blogger wants to see their blog by everyone, then the Public option has to be selected which is present in the visibility option shown in above figure. Hence anyone can gain access to the website and able to see all the information on the website. The users can gain this access using the search engines like google, technorati, etc.

Publish Blog in WordPress through Mode of Private

If you want to show your website only to particular users or media, select the private option present in the visibility. By setting to Private option, Blog is visible to some users only. Blogger sets the users like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc. The selected users only can get access to the website.

Password Protected Mode to Publish Word Press Blog

In some cases, bloggers want to create a personal website for their use. For this purpose, they must select the password protected button present in the visibility. Then the password tab raises. Create the password for the Blog or website to limit the users. This protected website terms as the personal website. The users who know the password can see the website and access the information.

Blogging Platforms

Creating and publishing the Blog is not enough. Promoting the Blog is very important to make the Blog popular. There exist many platforms to Publish your Blog. Choosing the correct platform, leads to the growth of the blog or website and makes it popular. The best platform is social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.These sites drive the high traffic to the Blogs. Avoid posting all the websites on the social media, because some people place the unwanted comments on the Blog. Focus on the best useful social media site, i.e., which site has a massive number of users.


Since Facebook is used by 90% people, promotion of the blog in the Facebook makes very popular. Don’t promote all the articles on the Facebook because all the articles are not super. Make your friends to promote your Blogs, thereby the traffic is increased. The number of shares and likes may increases the traffic of the post. Also, Bloggers came to know how effectively they created the website. If you think that you have created an awesome post, promote that post on the top of the wall. So it is the first post available in your wall and gain access to maximum users.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn users are professionals so they know what to read and see. A businessman looks the LinkedIn profile every day in the morning as like a habit of the newspaper. Hence promoting the Blog on to the LinkedIn effects how much traffic available for the Blog. So, it is better to manage LinkedIn groups to share your posts. Like Facebook, in LinkedIn also we can make queries and to get feedback for our posts. You can also republish your recent post with minor modifications on the LinkedIn.

Google plus

Like Facebook. Google Plus also has a several numbers of communities and groups. It is the Second largest social media site after the Facebook. Hence when you post a valuable Blog, the traffic is increased gradually. Bloggers also create a new community in the Google if they think there is no appropriate community available for their post. Timing is essential for posting the Blogs. Hence publishing the posts in the right time leads to increase in the traffic. Using hashtags can also increases traffic.

Finally, once again reminding about the publishing and promoting the Blog in a simple step. Publishing the Blog has the same importance as compared with the content. Hence in my opinion, posting the website into the world which is visible to everyone is important because the traffic and the growth rate fo the Blog may increases. In the same way choosing the best platform is very crucial to obtain more and more traffic. Stay connected with us to get Best WordPress Tutorials for Beginners. If you get any WordPress Error on your site, visit our site for getting a simple solution.

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