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Most Useful Widgets for your WordPress Website


Most Useful Widgets for your WordPress Website

You can easily customize your WordPress Website layout through widgets. There are number of plugins and WordPress themes that allow you to add various kinds of widgets such as popular posts. Email subscribe, calendar, etc. In this WordPress Tutorial, we have provided the best WordPress widgets for WordPress. Read the complete article and pick the best WordPress Widget for your WordPress site.

Top 10 Widgets for WordPress

Actually, a Widget is a small block that performs a particular function. Users can add these WordPress widgets into sidebars. This area is also known as widget-ready areas on WordPress web page. The WordPress widgets are created to provide an easy and simple way of giving design and structure control of the theme.

Best WordPress Widgets

There are various types of widgets are available to add on your WordPress website. The list of Top 10 Best WordPress Widgets is provided here. Have a look at it and choose one Best Widget for your WordPress website.

Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails

The WordPress comes with a default recent posts widget that displays a plain list of our recent posts. This Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails will allow you to show latest posts with thumbnails. It uses the featured image of the post or first image in a post as a thumbnail. You can also change the height and width of the image from settings screen of the widget.

Category Posts

Category Posts Widget displays recent posts from a selected category of your WordPress site. You can also display recent post titles as a list or select to display excerpt and thumbnail as well. This WordPress Widget allows you to display hide widgets on specific WordPress pages.

Google Maps Widget

The simple method to add a Google Map on your WordPress website sidebar is by using Google Maps Widget. This widget will allow you to show a Google map in the widget. When the visitor clicks on the map, a large google map opens in a lightbox popup. We recommend this Google Maps Widget as one of the best WordPress widgets for businesses to show address and location on their website.

Image Widget

If you want to add an image to the sidebar, then you have to write HTML in a text widget. Some of the WordPress beginners don’t know how to add HTML in a proper way. To solve this problem, Image Widget is introduced. This Image Widget allows users to add an image to the WordPress Sidebar easily through media uploader. It also provides the graphic UI to add alt text, caption, and to select image size.

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons allows you to add social icons to your sidebars easily. The configuration options of Simple Social Icons are in the widget settings. You have the options to choose which social networks to link and add to your profile URLs. In this Simple Social Icons, you can modify the icon by choosing icon font color and background.

Social Count Plus

The Social Count Plus widget will allow you to show your social media follower count in your WordPress Website sidebar easily. The social proof helps you to build a loyal following.

YouTube Channel Gallery

The YouTube Channel Gallery widget will allow you to display recent videos from your YouTube channel on your site. It shows your videos in a grid layout which can take less space and looks interesting.

Custom Taxonomies Menu Widget

The WordPress comes with a default categories widget. There is no default WordPress widget to show custom taxonomies in the sidebar of a site. The Custom Taxonomies Menu widget is one of the best WordPress Widgets which allows you to show custom taxonomies in the website sidebar easily.

Authors Widget

The Authors Widget allows you to show author names with the link to their posts. You can also show an article count and display a link to author RSS feed. This is the easiest way to show a list of authors on your multi-author WordPress website or blog.

Quick Chat

The Quick chat is a tiny but powerful and highly configurable chat system for websites. It comes with a WordPress widget which can allow you to enable chat everywhere on your WordPress website. The Quick Chat helps you to create a dedicated chat web page on your website.


We think this article helped you to find some of the most useful Best WordPress widgets for your website. You can also download Best WordPress Tutorials from our site.

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