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How to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress?


How to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress?

Have you ever got 502 Bad Gateway Error on your WordPress website? This is one of the most popular Error messages on the internet. Here we have provided the possible ways to Fix HTTP 502 Error on your WordPress site. Read the complete article and learn how to resolve HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway.

Fixing 502 Bad Gateway Error

Http 502 Bad Gateway is a server error coming out between servers on the Internet. It is one of the common errors on WordPress. Many WordPress users always feel difficult for finding the best way to resolve it. To help WordPress users, we have provided a detailed introduction about the 502 Bad Gateway Error. Take a look at it and learn how to fix Http 502 Bad Gateway Error.

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error?

The Error 502 Bad Gateway is also known as HTTP 502 error. It is included in HTTP response status codes. The website server is used as a proxy or a gateway to serve the clients requests. If the Proxy or Gateway receives an invalid response from the Server, the HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error arises. At that time, 502 Bad Gateway will turn up before your eyes.

Actually, the cause of this HTTP 502 Error is that the server and the gateway are not reached an agreement when exchanging data.

Cause of HTTP 502 Error

  • If the server is down and cannot be accessed.
  • The origin server cannot be reached.
  • If the server has become overloaded.
  • The site is unstable with bugs associated PHP programming.
  • If there are any issues with your internet browser and it cannot access the website or web page.
  • The Internet gateway or router is unable to pull content from the origin server.

How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?

The possible ways to resolve HTTP 502 Error are provided here. By following these methods, you can easily fix HTTP 502 error on your WordPress website.

1. Check the website is really down

First, you have to confirm that the website is really down or not. Use the web tools that would help you to check your site is down or not such as or If the website is really down, then contact the webmaster and inform them about the website down issue.

2. Clear browser cache

Your browser stores corrupted files of the WordPress website. Your web browser got confused. So, you have to clear the browser cache data.

3. Refresh the Page

Sometimes, the Error HTTP 502 Bad Gateway temporarily arises. For resolving this temporarily raise error, you have to press F5 to reload the web page or press Ctrl + F5 for a strong refresh. If you are using Mac computer, then click Command key + R to refresh a web page.

4. Delete cookie

If your web browser overloaded with too many cookies or it has stored corrupted cookies then also this HTTP 502 Error arises. To resolve this 502 Bad Gateway Error, you let start your browser fresh and store new cookies.

If you are unable to retrieve important passwords then try to delete the cookies related to the website you are trying to access. If it does not work then delete the remaining cookies.

5. Open new browser sessions

Close all your web browser windows and tabs and open a new one. The HTTP 502 error message will still appear when your web browser could not update the status, even though the 502 Bad Gateway error has been resolved in the server. The simple browser restart will resolve this HTTP 502 Error.

6. Disable unnecessary Plugins

If you reach your website memory limit then also this 502 Bad Gateway error will arise. So, you have to uninstall and delete unnecessary plugins to free the space on your server.

7. Check PHP settings

You can adjust the maximum execution time and memory limit in your WordPress website. This is one of the ways to minimize overloading on your server.

8. Optimise scripts

Try to compress your WordPress site CSS and Javascript files. This can minimize lag times specially for heavy websites.


We hope this article helped you to resolve HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error on WordPress website. If you get any WordPress Error then visit our site and get a quick solution. Check our WordPress Tutorials for improving WordPress Security.

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