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How to Remove Word Press Spam Comments?


How to Remove Word Press Spam Comments?

Hello, Bloggers looking toĀ Remove WordPress Spam Comments? šŸ™„

We think you may facing difficulty in identifying the Spam Comments and in moderating the comments. Here is the great solution for those Bloggers to Remove WordPress Spam Comments. In WordPress Websites, there is a Plugin called Akismet. This is one of the Default Plugins in WordPress and not in Active State by default. Bloggers who want to identify and remove the Spam Comments can activate the A.kis.met Plugin and say Good Bye to Comment Spam.

About Akismet

If you are one of the top Bloggers and looking to identify the Comment Spam on your website. This is also possible in the WP Websites or Blogs. Just with a simple step, you can Say Good Bye to the Comments Spam. You will follow our website to know the simple solutions for your complex problems. Akismet is pity solution which is a Default Plugin and is not in the active state by default.

A.Kis.Met is the name came fromĀ Automattic and Kismet. The Akismet designed by the Company calledĀ Auttomatic. The Plugin endowed by Matt Mullenweg, the Co-founder of WordPress. The A.kis.met is the Comment Spam Filtering Plugin in the WordPress Websites.Ā The Plugin has a robust algorithm to identify the Spam Comments and pingback them. This will also do the Comment Moderation along with Remove Word Press Spam Comments to save your precious time.

The Akismet Plugin is the only solution for the Comment Spamming and Moderation of the WordPress Comments. A lakhs of bloggers are using this tool to save their time. It will take more time for them to moderate the WP Comments. So, everyone is looking to modernise the comments automatically and identify the Comment Spam in WordPress site by others.

A.Kis.Met WordPress

The Tagline best suits the Name, i.e., Say Good Bye to Comment Spam. This tool will pick the Spam Comments before they get listed in the Pending Comments. You will know the detailed Spam Description from this page, and then you will get a clear cut idea about how to remove Spam Comments and so on.

What is Spam?

The Spam is a form of spamdexing and also known as Blog Spam, Comment Spam, or Social Spam. The definition of the Spam describes that it is any comment that has been posted to a Blog/ Website for the purpose of generating an Inbound link to the comment author. So, theĀ maximum of people will avoid the Spam comments to improve their Site Ranking.

Ā How to Remove WordPress Spam Comments?

For the Bloggers, the Akismet Plugin will be the most helpful Service. After Installation of WordPress, the Akismet is one of the most important Plugin, i.e., not in the Active State. The Bloggers who wish to Stop the Spam Comments to their Blog will activate your A.kis.met account by the following process. The Plugin is the Best Spam Filter in the WordPress Blogs & also the Free Spam Filter to Remove WordPress Spam Comments.

Activate Akismet in WordPress

Akismet is the Good Comment Anti-Spam Service. So, the Bloggers who want to activate the A.kis.met Plugin in their Website can just do 3 Steps in the following format. First of all, you must have the API Key to set up the Akismet for your Blog/ Website. The process is useful only for those Bloggers who are using theĀ Jetpack.

How to set up A.kis.met for your Blog/ Website?

The Spammers both human and automated, like the WordPress as much as the bloggers will. You can get started for Akismet Plugin just with 3 Steps to Remove WordPress Spam Comments. Below we have provided the Step by Step Process to set up the A.kis.met for your Blog/ Website. To activate the Akismet, the API Key is the most important thing you must be required get from the official website.

  • First of all, open the WordPress Plugin tab on your Website or Blog.
  • Click on Activate below the Akismet Plugin.
  • By clicking, you will get following window on the same page.
  • It will beĀ redirected to the Akismet Configuration window.
  • Signup for the Akismet Website, i.e.,
  • The different plans available under the Akismet will be shown.
  • Ā Choose the Akismet Plan which will best suits for your Website.
  • Then, you will be asked to signup for the WordPress site.
  • If you are already registered sign in your account by clicking on the link called I already have WordPress Account.
  • Else Sign Up by providing the E-mail Address, User Name and Password.
  • After completing the Login Process, you will be again redirected to the Akismet Website.
  • Provide your User Details on that page.
  • If you have chosen the Free Plan of Akismet, you need not pay any amount.
  • So, just drag the point at the right side to $0 dollars.

Enter your particulars such as First Name and Last Name in the specified fields. Submit the info by clicking on the Continue Button.

Get Akismet API Key

Upon completing the Registration/ Authentication, the unique API Key will be generated. You will copy the Akismet API Key for your website after clicking on ā€œGet your API Keyā€ in the below window.

The Key is unique and should not be shareable to anyone. So, use the generated A.Kis.Met Key as secure as possible.

Use the API Key to activate the Akismet Plugin in your Website/ Blog. The Akismet is the Top Spam Blocking Plugin in the WordPress compared to all other plugins. So, most of the people preferred to use this Spam Blocker only to Remove WordPress Spam Comments.

Usage of Akismet, Spam Blocker

After Activating the WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin, the bloggers can use the Akismet easily and also Say Good Bye to the Comment Spam. The WordPress top Anti-Spam filter is the A.Kis.Met. There are millions of users under this Plugin from years ago.

To use the A.kis.met plugin, just enter into your DashBoard. Choose the tab called Akismet Plugin on the left side below the Dashboard.

How to Know Akismet Availability?

To know whether the Akismet Plugin is in Activate State or not in the WordPress Website, you can look at the below steps. Open the Dashboard of Admin Login of your Blog or Website. On the Home page, you will find a section called ā€œAt a Glanceā€.

In that section, if you find the field labelled as ā€˜Akismet blocks Spam from getting to your Blog.ā€™ then you know that Akismet was activated. If not found, activate the Akismet by using the above process.

Steps to check Spam Comments

Open the Akismet in the Website/ Blog. You may also find this on the Dashboard.

In the Site Stats, the number of comments and details will be shown.

If there are no Spam Comments for your Blog, the Akismet can be displayed as below.

In theĀ case of Spam Comments, the number of comments and details can be given.

Benefits with the A.kis.met Plugin

The Spam Comments will be automatically Deleted/ Stopped with the activation of Akismet Plugin in your WordPress Website. No one likes receiving the spammy email messages/ reading spammy comments in online. So, the Spam Blocker/ Filter is the most important thing you must have in the WordPress Website.

  • The Plugin delete the Spam Comments.
  • Akismet Plugin has the long reigned as the best Anti SpamĀ Filter for WordPress.
  • It will not allow the Comment Spam to be get queued in the WordPress Pending Comments List.
  • This saves the Bloggers precious time to identify the Spam Comments & also deleting those Comments.
  • TheĀ Simple and easy process to Stop the Spam Comments, Say Good Bye to Comment Spam in WordPress.

Finally, with the use of A.Kis.Met, the Best WordPress Spam Comment Filter will reduce your time for removing Spam from your Website/ Blog. Activate the Akismet Plugin by entering the API Key, which you get from You can also Upgrade your Akismet. Stay connected with us, for gettingĀ Best Guidance for WordPress Beginners.

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