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How to remove Visual editor in WordPress and Disable Visual editor


How to remove Visual editor in WordPress and Disable Visual editor

Do you belong to HTML followers? Do you want Visual editor in disable mode? This WordPress tutorial gives you the complete explanation about reasons to remove the Visual editor and how to disable this editor. Also provides, preventing Visual editor using plugins.

Why do you want to disable the Visual editor?

Of course, the visual editor is one of the features present in the WordPress. The Visual editor provides a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) content editor that allows you to create the content effectively. But when you switch to HTML and redirects to the Visual mode some formatting is lost and causes some errors. Also, when you share php and other types of codes, one has to switch to text editor mode. But when you redirect back to visual editor mode some code is changed and causes errors. Due to these situations, some bloggers want to disable the Visual editor mode.

Ways to remove the Visual editor

Already, we have provided the problems of using the visual editor in some cases. Here, we will give the ways to remove the visual editor. Users have the facility to disable the Visual editor for all posts and also for only one post. There are two methods for disabling the Visual editor.

  • Removing Visual editor in WordPress.
  • Disable the Visual Editor In WordPress for a specific post or all posts.

Remove the Visual editor in WordPress

Do you want to disable the Visual mode? Removing the Visual editor is a simple process. It involves various steps. The step by step procedure is…….

  • First thing, Open the WordPress admin panel
  • Click on the Users>>All users, shows a list of all available users.
  • Locate your Profile and click on the Edit which is present below your profile.
  • You will see Personal options. Just below the Personal options, a Visual editor is present.
  • Check the box beside the ‘Disable the Visual Editor writing’ option.
  • Then the visual editor is in disable mode.
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Disable the Visual Editor in WordPress for a specific post

Some users want to remove the Visual editor in WordPress for a specific post. For this purpose, we provide a simple step i.e., use of Disable Visual Editor WYSIWYG plugin. Follow these steps…..

  • Open the WordPress admin panel
  • Click on the Plugin>>Add new
  • Search the Disable Visual Editor WYSIWYG plugin using the search box.
  •  Search shows the available WordPress plugins. Click on the install. WordPress takes a few seconds to install this plugin.
  • Click on the Activate button.
  • Once the plugin is installed the Visual editor appears right-hand side in the dashboard.
  • Then you can disable the Visual editor either for one post or all posts according to your requirement.

Disabling Visual editor leads the user to use only the Text editor mode. This mode is useful for the users who knows the basic knowledge about the HTML editor.


All of us know that  Visual editor is one of the great inbuilt features of the WordPress. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it is better to avoid Visual Editor and use HTML editor. But if your content does not contain any code then try to use Visual editor because it makes the post beautiful and very easy to use.

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