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How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons Issue in WordPress Editor?


How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons Issue in WordPress Editor?

You are typing some text in your WordPress Site… but it is not visible. Also, the Visual Editor buttons in WordPress are invisible. Is this the problem you are facing right now? Want to know why this happens and How to fix this White Text and Missing Buttons Error? Here we are to help you find simple solutions for all your questions.

How to Fix “White Text and Missing Buttons Error” in WordPress Visual Editor ?

If you are a WordPress beginner, first you need to know what is a White Text and Missing Buttons Error in WordPress Visual Editor ? If the WordPress Visual Editor is unable to display what you are typing, then this is called as White Text & Missing Buttons Error. When this error occurs, your WordPress Visual Editor Buttons are invisible, and you are not able to switch from Visual to Text Editor.

The White Text and Missing Buttons Error is a problem faced by many people. To get out from this problem, you have the necessity to know the possible solutions. So keep your look on the given solutions and follow the steps properly to solve your WordPress problem. In our site, we also provide the solutions for different types of WordPress Plugin Errors. So, Keep in touch with for solving your WordPress Issues.

Why Missing Buttons and White Text Error Occurs ?

There are many reasons for the occurrence of this White Text & Missing Buttons Errors. If the concatenated JavaScript is not working in admin access, then this error will occur. The Corrupted TinyMCE files are also one of the reasons for getting this Error. When there is any extends and modifications done in TinyMCE shipped with WordPress, this will cause the Missing Buttons and White Text Error.

How to Solve White Text and Missing Buttons Error in WordPress Editor ?

There are different ways to overcome this problem. Use the given Solutions and get out from the WordPress Visual Editor Error.

Solution 1: Clear the Browser Cache

When White Text and Missing Buttons Error occur, first you need to Clear the Browser Cache. Almost the Missing Buttons and White Text Issues will arise with the involvement of Browser Cache Data. Actually, The Browser Cache Data is a file which can store browsing history on your computer. These files are not harmful like virus files, But they can create issues with WordPress.

  1. Go to your Browser History.
  2. Click on the Clear Browsing Data.
  3. A New window will appear on the Screen.
  4. Select the beginning of the time option from the drop down list.
  5. Toggle all the options from that Window.
  6. Now, click on the Clear Browsing Data Button.
  7. Finally, the Browser Cache data will be cleared.

Solutions 2 : Activate the default WordPress Theme

If the White Text and Missing Buttons issues are not solved by Clearing Browsing Data, then you have to check your WordPress themes. When you make any changes in your WordPress theme that will lead to rising this White Text and Missing Buttons Error. So, you have to activate the WordPress default theme this will eliminate the White Text & Missing Buttons issues from your WordPress site.

Solution 3 : Deactivate the Recently installed or updated plugin

The plugin which is recently installed or updated on your WordPress Site will have the chance to make this White Text and Missing Buttons Errors. So, you can deactivate that plugin to get out from this issue. If the problem is not solved still, then you have to inactivate all of your WordPress plugins to overcome this White Text and Missing Buttons Issues in WordPress.

Solution 4 : Replace TinyMCE Script

TinyMCE is one of the most popular text editors for WordPress. When you upgrade TinyMCE JavaScript based HTML text editors, that will make this White Text and Missing Buttons Error in WordPress with the wrong update process. To fix this problem, you have to replace /wp-includes/js/tinymce/ folder with a fresh copy.

Solution 5 : Use wp-config to fix

If the issue is not solved with the above solutions, then you have to use wp-config through FTP.

  • Open WordPress Directory  public_html.
  • Search for wp-config.php file.
  • Download wp-config.php file.
  • Open the wp-config.php file with a text editor.
1define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);
  • Add the given code at the top of the file as shown below.
  • Save and upload the new modified file to your WordPress Directory.
  • This will overwrite the old wp-config.php file.
  • Click on the button at the top to refresh the FTP.
  • Next, Refresh Dashboard.
  • Create a New Page or Post.
  • Now, the text and buttons are visible.

Solution 6 : Delete .htaccess File

The .htaccess File is one of the reasons for the occurrence of Missing Buttons and White Text in Visual Editor of WordPress. To overcome this, you have to delete the .htaccess file from your WordPress wp-includes folder. The process for it is given here. Follow the instructions and solve the White Text and Missing Buttons problem from your WordPress Text Editor.

  1. Open wp-includes folder from your WordPress.
  2. Click on the Server option from the menu.
  3. Select Force Showing Hidden Files. FTP Program hides the Dotfiles. The .htaccess is one of the Dotfile.
  4. Now open wp-includes folder from your WordPress Directory.
  5. Search for the .htaccess file.
  6. Now, Delete the .htaccess file from your wp-includes folder.

After the process completion, you can open a new post or page from your WordPress site. The text and buttons of your WordPress Visual Editor are visible.

We hope the given list of solutions will helpful for you to fix your missing buttons and white text issues in your WordPress Text Editor. Stay connected with us for getting solutions for your WordPress Site Problems.

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