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How to Fix Parse Error: Syntax Error in WordPress ?


How to Fix Parse Error: Syntax Error in WordPress ?

Are you struggling with the Syntax Error in WordPress ? The WordPress Syntax is not a common error, this error will occur when the user made any mistake. If you are the beginner, then fixing this error is one of the complicated tasks for you. Don’t get tensed, you are at the right place where you can find the solution for your WordPress problem. We will show you how to fix Parse Error Syntax Error through FTP server without login through wp-admin.

How to fix WordPress Syntax Error ?

The Parse Error Syntax Error can lock your WordPress Admin Access. Experienced developers can fix this error on their own, but the beginners are not able to do this. So, you need to know how to solve this Syntax Error through FTP. Here is the ultimate solution to fix this Syntax Error Parse Error in WordPress who are getting worried can use this solution and get out from this Issue. To get more solutions for your WordPress Admin Errors, keep visiting our site.

As a Beginner, you have the Necessity to know about the Syntax Error. First of all, you need to know what is this Parse Error Syntax Error in WordPress and why the WordPress Syntax Error occurs. For that, we described complete details regarding this Parse Error. So, Take a look on it.

What is Parse Error Syntax Error ?

If you add any invalid code to a .php file then an error will display on the Screen. This displayed error is called as Syntax Error or Parse Error Syntax Error in WordPress. The Parse Error Syntax Error will appear like this.

Parse error: syntax error

This Parse error: Syntax error shows that it is an error occurred by user coding mistake.


The “unexpected ‘.’,” shows you what the error exactly. The Unexpected $end shows something you didn’t close properly.

File Name

The exact file path where the error occurred will be shown here.

Line Number

The exact line number where the error occurred in the file is displayed here.

with this information, you can easily avoid this syntax error from your WordPress site.

Why Syntax Error in WordPress occurs ?

If the user trying to do something new on your WordPress site, then this “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in …… on line ……” error will display on the screen. Don’t worry too much about it. You are not the first one who got the Parse Error syntax error in WordPress, and you are not the last one. In this article, you know how to fix the WordPress unexpected syntax error. In our website, you can also find solutions for different types of WordPress Theme Errors.

How to Fix WordPress Parse Error Syntax Error ?

To solve this problem, you need to modify the code which is responsible for this error. The Syntax error will block the entire site access to you. So, you have to access the code through FTP. For FTP access, you have to install FTP Program and connect it to your WordPress site.

Now, open your WordPress site wp-content folder from Root Directory. Search for the file which you recently changed. If you forget the file then open the error code once. In that error code, you will find the filename and the line number where the exactly parse error syntax error occurred.

  1. Download the file which is responsible for the error.
  2. Open the file with text editor.
  3. Correct the error code or delete that code from the file.
  4. After code modification done, save the file.
  5. Now, upload the file where it is downloaded from.
  6. The old file will be overwritten by this new file.
  7. Open your WordPress Site and refresh it.
  8. Finally, your site will work properly.

In this way,  you can overcome the WordPress Parse Error Syntax Error. We think this article will help you to fix Syntax error in WordPress. For Best WordPress Guidence, keep visiting our site frequently.

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