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How to Create Tables in WordPress with a Plugin?


How to Create Tables in WordPress with a Plugin?

Everyone knows that a table is the best way to represent large amounts of information in a way that is ordered and pleasing to the eye. Especially when using a autoblogging plugin like Newsomatic, which will create a large amount of content for your blog on autopilot, it can be hard to display all these newly created posts in an ordered fashion.

Unfortunately, creating tables manually with HTML and CSS is a more complex task in WordPress. So, you need to install a plugin which will help you to achieve this task. With the help of a similar plugin, you can easily create gorgeous tables in your pages, without any programming knowledge.

How to create responsive tables in WordPress?

Browsing the internet to find a solution for your WordPress problem can make you feel stressed. You don’t need to get stressed for this, you are at the right place to get out for your trouble. In this article, we have presented the best table plugin which is suitable for you to create tables in WordPress. This Plugin will eliminate the need to write HTML or CSS code for tables and makes your work much easier.

Why did tables require in WordPress?

Representing the large amount of data in textual format will not give you a better look for reading. It will give you a chance to the user to leave the page fastly. So, you need tables to overcome this WordPress Problem. The tables are the best solutions for representing the collection of information. It will give you a good look at the post and will lead the visitor to stay on your page for few minutes. For creating tables in your WordPress, you have the necessity to install a WordPress plugin.

Plugin to create responsive tables

There are number of plugins available to create tables in WordPress such as TablePress, TinyMCE Advanced, Easy Table, League Table, etc., With these plugins you can easily organize your data in tables without any Backend Coding. TablePress is the best one when compared to all other WordPress plugins because of its features and functions.

Why TablePress Plugin?

The Tablepress is the Best Plugin to create tables in WordPress when compared to other plugins. It is one of the free WordPress Plugins which can enable you to create and manage Responsive tables in your WordPress Site. The table created by Tablepress is able to contain any type of information such as images, formulas, symbols, etc., This will give you a nice look and presents your data clearly which can understandable by each and every one.

Tablepress Plugin Features

Features offered by Tablepress plugin are provided here. Check the features and install this Best Plugin to your WordPress site or blog.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Simple shortcode.
  • Display any kind of data like Text, images, numbers, links.
  • Formulas are available.
  • Alternative Background colors.
  • Highlighting a row.
  • Sorting.
  • Filtering.
  • Scrolling.
  • Pagination of tables.
  • Individual styling.

Functions of Tablepress

The Tablepress plugin provides many functions to organize data in table format. Those are given here.

  • Create Table with manual input.
  • Add table rows and columns.
  • Importing tables.
  • Exporting tables.
  • Swap, hide rows and columns, etc.,
  • Duplicate and Delete table.
  • Table Preview Function.

Tablepress can overcome your problem

By referring the above section, you can get the knowledge about WordPress Tablepress plugin. This Plugin offers many features and functions which are useful to overcome your trouble. With this WordPress Tablepress Plugin, you can Create Tables in WordPress without using HTML and CSS Code.

How to Install Tablepress to Create Tables in WordPress?

Tablepress plugin is your solution for creating Responsive Tables in WordPress. Now, you are thinking about the installation of Tablepress in your WordPress site. Don’t worry about it. Here we provide the requirements and installation steps for WordPress Tablepress. By following those, you can quickly and easily install WordPress TablePress on your site or blog.

Requirements for Tablepress plugin

Before installing the WordPress Tablepress Plugin, ensure that your WordPress has the minimum requirements to run Tablepress. If your WordPress site does not support the plugin then, the blank screen will appear as a result. So, Before installing the WordPress Tablepress Plugin check your WordPress version and remaining given requirements.

  • WordPress 4.4 and later.
  • PHP version 5.3 and later.
  • mod_rewrite Apache module.
  • MySQL version 5.0 and later.

Installation Steps for WordPress Tablepress Plugin with WordPress Dashboard

Easy Steps to Install WordPress Tablepress Plugin to your WordPress Site.

1. Open Plugin Page on your WordPress site.

2. Click on the Add New option from the Plugin Page.

3. Enter Tablepress in the search Plugin field.

4. Click on the Install Button on TablePress Tab.

5. Now the Tablepress Plugin is installed on your WordPress site.

6. Open the Installed Plugins Page on your site. The Installed Tablepress is displayed on that screen.

7. Now Click on the Activate option from the Installed TablePress Plugin.

8. Finally, The WordPress Tablepress Plugin is installed on your site.

Manual Installation Steps for WordPress Tablepress Plugin

Follow the Steps and Install WordPress Tablepress Plugin to your WordPress Site or Blog.

  1. Download Tablepress Plugin Zip File.
  2. Extract the Zip File.
  3. Upload that Extracted Zip File of Tablepress to the “wp-content/plugins/” folder.
  4. Click on the Plugins Page on your WordPress site.
  5. Activate the WordPress Tablepress Plugin.
  6. Finally, The Tablepress Plugin is installed and activated on your site to Create Tables in WordPress.

How to Use Tablepress Plugin?

After Successful completion of the Tablepress installation, You need to know how to use these tables in your posts or pages on your WordPress site. With proper usage of tables on your post or page will increase the standards of your site. Here we have given the Steps to WordPress Tablepress Plugin Usage.

Steps to Create Tables in WordPress with Tablepress Plugin

1. Click on the TablePress option from your WordPress site.

2. Click on the Add New Table option. A New Page will display on the Screen.

3. Enter your Table Name at the Table Name Feild.

4. Enter the Description of the Table on the Description Feild. This Description is not compulsory.

5. Enter Number of Rows and Columns of the Table you need.

6. Click on the Add Table option. A new page will appear on the Screen.

7. Enter the Table Headers at the First Row.

8. Fill the Data in the Table manually.

9. Click on the Save Changes option to save the table.

10. To See the table you can use preview option available on the page.

11. Copy the Shortcut displayed on the page.

[table id=1 /]

12. Paste the Shortcut where you want that saved table.

Additional Functionalities of WordPress TablePress Plugin

The Tablepress Plugin offers many functions like Inserting Images, Links etc., By using the below functions you can easily manage the table.

You can select All Tables Tab to see all the created tables list on Tablepress Plugin.

Use the above functions to import and export the Tables on your WordPress Site or Blog. We hope this article will helpful for you to create responsive tables in WordPress easily. This the place where you can get Best WordPress Guide. So, keep in touch with us.

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