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Genesis Framework and Child Themes


Genesis Framework and Child Themes

If you are looking for commercial professional themes for your WordPress sites, Genesis Frame and Child Themes are highly recommended. We have recently switched several of our sites to Genesis child themes and had wished we have done so long time ago.

Genesis Framework

Why choose Genesis? The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

Copyblogger Media, the developer of Genesis Framework, lists top three reasons to choose the Genesis Framework

  1. Search Optimized
  2. Turn-Key Designs
  3. Unlimited Everything – support, updates, websites

You can find more information about the features offered by Genesis Framework from its website.

It will take a while to learn rudimentary whistle-and-bell to start your site, but it gets easier to modify and fit the themes to your own needs.

Genesis Simple Hooks

Genesis Simple Hooks is one of the most important plugins for Genesis Framework. It is the easiest way to make theme modifications and changes.

This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hooks throughout the Genesis Theme Framework, from StudioPress.

Instead of the sometimes tedious and unfamiliar process of creating functions in your theme files, this plugin gives you an attractive, easy to use interface for modifying your Genesis theme via the hook system. The plugin accepts HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP and gives you access to all 50+ hooks built into the Genesis theme, and a few built-in WordPress hooks as well.

Things to remember to add by the hook:

  • meta tags for your sites – you can copy them from your old theme’ header.php file
  • footer – copy them from your footer.php file.

Genesis SEO vs All-in-one SEO

Genesis Framework provides its SEO functions. To use it,  you need to deactivate your existing SEO plugin. If you are already using a SEO package such as All-in-one SEO, stick with it, don’t make any change. Genesis SEO is good but still lack some features from All-in-one SEO.

Enjoy your new theme or themes!

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