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Fixing Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress


Fixing Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress

Are you getting “Too Many Redirects Error” on your WordPress site? It is one of the common problems faced by many users in WordPress. No need of getting tense, there are many easy solutions to solve this Redirect Error. Actually, the Redirect Error will Block the accessing of your WordPress Site. Here you can find the complete solutions list to get rid of the Redirect Errors Problems.

Fix Too Many Redirects Error

If the web page has resulted in too many redirects on your WordPress site, then you have the necessity to know the reasons for it. There are many reasons for getting Redirection Errors on WordPress. Based on the reason you can choose the steps to solve the Too Many Redirects Problem. The Reasons and the solutions for this Too Many Redirects Problem are provided here. In our website, we also provided the solutions for different types WordPress Server Issues. Take a look at it.

What Does Redirection Mean ?

The URL redirection is a World Wide Web technique to make a web page accessible to more than one URL address. If the User attempts to browse a URL which has been redirected then a web page with a different URL will be opened.

What Does Too Many Redirects Error Mean?

When any user accessing the Redirected URL, If it does not display any web page then it is called as Too Many Redirect Error or Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS).

What are the Reasons for Getting Error Too Many Redirects ?

There a lot of reasons for getting Error 310 Too Many Redirects on WordPress site. Main reason for it is the misconfiguration in redirection feature. The other reasons for Errors on Redirection is given here.

Misconfiguration on redirection

While installing the WordPress on Server Side, you have to choose the preferred URL of your site, i.e., with www or without www. After WordPress installation completed, you need to install some of the plugins such as WordPress SEO. The WordPress SEO is used for redirection. If there is any misconfiguration in the Redirection like non-www or www, then the web page was not redirected properly.

Misconfiguration of Plugins

Some of the Plugins you installed will come with a wrong configuration then the Too Many Redirects error will occur.

While Installing and Configuring WordPress Plugins you must be careful. otherwise, you will get 310 Redirects error or WordPress Plugin Errors.

Change in .htaccess file

If there is any improper change happen in the .htaccess file then also the Error 310 will arise.


The Error 310 Redirect will occur when you use Single IP Address for several websites also.

Site Name Changes

If you change or delete the site name and try to access then, this Redirection error will occur.

Solutions for Too Many Redirect Errors

After you know the reason, you have to follow the proper solution steps to get out from this Error 310 Too Many Redirects problem. Here the Solutions are provided clearly.

Misconfiguration on redirection Solution

This is the main reason for getting Too Many Redirects Error on your WordPress site. To fix this error you can follow the given process.

With WordPress Admin Access

  1. Go to Settings on your WordPress site.
  2. Select General Tab.
  3. Check the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).
  4. If one address have www and the other does not have www then this error will occur.
  5. So, Change the same address prefix for both.
  6. Next, Click on the Save changes button to save these changes.

By following this way properly, you can avoid Too Many Redirects Error from your Site.

Note: Ensure that you have to add a trailing slash to your URL end like

Without WordPress Admin Access

If you don’t have the Admin access then also you can change these settings through FTP and overcome the 310 Error.

  • Open the wp-config.php file from the Root Directory.
  • Download the wp-config.php file.
  • Using Text Editor enter the given data with your Site URL to that file.
  • Upload this file to website root directory.
  • The old file will be replaced by this file.

Now you can access your website. The Error 310 Too Many Redirects problem is solved now.

Misconfiguration of Plugins Solution

There is a chance to occur this error when you add a new plugin or update any installed plugin. To avoid this problem, you have to follow the given procedure.

If you know the Misconfiguration Plugin

  1. Open the wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Next, Delete that Misconfiguration Plugin from the Plugins folder.

The Plugin will be deactivated. Now the website will run properly without redirects error.

If you don’t know the Misconfiguration Plugin

  1. Open the wp-content/ folder from your WordPress site.
  2. Rename the plugin folder.
  3. Create a New folder with Plugin Name.
  4. Now, your site will run without any redirect error.
  5. Next, you can install and check all the plugins one by one.
  6. Find the plugin which is responsible for this Error.

Change in .htaccess file Solution

  1. Download .htaccess file from your WordPress Site with FTP.
  2. Now, Delete the Folder from your site.
  3. Next, Run your WordPress site.
  4. The New .htaccess file is automatically created, and your site will run perfectly.

Solution for Network

To Fix this redirect error, you have to upgrade the dedicated IP Address.

We think the given information will helpful for you to fix Too Many Redirects Error on your WordPress Site. Keep in touch with us for the quick and easy solutions to your WordPress Site issues.

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