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Fixing “Missed Schedule Post Error” in WordPress


Fixing “Missed Schedule Post Error” in WordPress

Have you ever faced trouble with “Missed Schedule Post Error“? Every WordPress user may have this issue at least Once. Fixing this WordPress Missed Schedule Error is an easy task. Here we have given reasons and possible solutions for this schedule post error. Have a look at this article, and resolve Missed Schedule Posts Error in WordPress.

How to Fix Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress?

The Missed Schedule Post is one of the Common WordPress Errors. When you set schedule posts, but due to some causes the WordPress post doesn’t publish then you get this Missed Schedule Post Error

For Fixing Schedule Missed Post Error, first you have to know the reasons for the occurrence of this error. Based on the cause, you can follow the appropriate method to fix it. Go through this article, here we have provided the causes and simple ways for fixing Missed Schedule Error.

Causes for WordPress Missed Schedule Post Error

There are various reasons to get the Post Schedule Error. Here are some reasons where you will face the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress.

Getting low traffic

If your web pages are not getting loaded correctly then automatically your site traffic decreases. Once your site is getting low traffic, then the cron job doesn’t get triggered.

If cron job was unable to do the schedule task work properly then there is a chance of raising the Missed Post Schedule error.

WP-CRON doesn’t load

In WordPress, Cron Job handles the schedule posts. When you set the schedule for a post in WordPress, then the Cron Job will publish the post at a particular scheduled time set by you. This Cron Job triggers every time when a page is requested, and it is controlled by wp-cron.

Sometimes Cron Job doesn’t publish the post at the scheduled time due to scripting errors in your WordPress. The WordPress Script error will also cause the ” Missed Schedule Post” Error.

How to Resolve ‘Missed Schedule Post’ Error in WordPress

Now, you know the reasons for the occurrence of WordPress Post Missed Schedule Error. Lets’ check the possible ways of resolving Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress quickly and easily.

WP Missed Schedule Fix Future Post Failed Plugin:

To resolve the Missed Post Schedule error you need to install the “WP Missed Schedule Fix Future Post Failed Plugin” in your WordPress. This “WP Missed plugin” is available only on GitHub. So, follow the given step by step process and install this WordPress plugin easily.

  • First, download the WP Missed Schedule Fix Future Post Failed Plugin from GitHub.
  • Next, Login to your WordPress admin area.
  • Go to Plugins section.
  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Next, click on upload button.
  • Now, upload the downloaded plugin.
  • Click Install now button.
  • After installation completed, then click on the Activate button from that installed plugin.

This Missed Schedule Plugin will fix the failed future posts and republish them correctly. In addition to this, it can improve your server performance while checking for internal cron jobs.

Set up CRON Jobs:

You can also resolve Missed Schedule Post Error by setting Cron Jobs. Here are the simple steps to set up a cron job. Follow those steps and fix Missed Schedule Posts Error quickly.

Diable the default wp-cron.php:

    • First, you have to disable the default “wp-cron“.
    • Login to your WordPress cPanel Account.
    • Click on the File Manager icon.
    • Go to Public.html > wp-config.php.
    • Open the file with code editor.
    • Go to the database settings in wp-config.php.
    • At the end of Database, settings add the given code.
1define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);
  • Next, click on the save button.
  • Now, the default wp-cron.php is disabled.

Setup new cron job for wp-cron.php:

After disabling the default wp-cron.php, you need to set up a new cron job for your WordPress website. Follow the below steps to setup new cron job manually.

  • Login to your cPanel Account.
  • Search for the Cron Jobs icon. It is available under the Advanced section.
  • Next, click on that cron Jobs icon.
  • Now, a new window will appear with the name of Add New Cron Job.
  • In the Common Settings field, you have select Every six hours.
  • Click on the Add New Cron Job.
  • After that, the new cron job is activated on your WordPress website. Now, your WordPress site can work without any Missed Schedule Posts error.

Hope this article helped you to resolve the Missed Schedule Post error in WordPress. Again if your get any WordPress Server Error, just visit our website and get a quick way to resolve WordPress Error. You can also refer our WordPress Tutorials for better Guidance on WordPress.

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