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Fixing Featured Image Appearing Twice in WordPress Posts Issue


Fixing Featured Image Appearing Twice in WordPress Posts Issue

Are you getting ‘Featured Image Appearing Twice in WordPress Posts’ ? Don’t worry about it. The Duplicate Featured image in your posts published on a WordPress site is a common WordPress problem faced by many people. But it is easy to resolve WordPress featured image showing twice issue. In this article, we provided reasons and solutions for this error. So, read the complete article and fix Duplicate Featured Image issue in your WordPress post easily.

Resolve Duplicate Featured Image issue in WordPress

Creating a new WordPress post is an easy task for the regular WordPress users. But it is confusing for the WordPress Beginners. The featured image is a life saver for the post. The perfect featured image of the post provides the basic knowledge about the entire post. By providing the best featured image to the posts, you can keep your visitors to stay few minutes on your WordPress site.

The Duplicate featured image on your WordPress site can make the WordPress post appearance low. It is one of the common image issues in WordPress. In this article, you will find the simple way to fix this featured image showing twice error in WordPress posts.

Why Featured Image Appearing Twice in Posts ?

Sometimes the WordPress beginners can set a perfect featured image for the post and also inserts the same image into the post content. Because of this, the featured image appears twice in WordPress posts.

Actually, the beginners of the WordPress feels the appearance of the featured image in the Visual Post Editor looks nice. So, they want to insert that featured image in the visual post editor. But after publishing the post, they will see the featured image twice. In this way, the featured image showing twice in WordPress Posts Issue is arising.

How to fix Featured Image Appearing Twice in Posts Issue ?

It is easy to fix Duplicate featured image on your WordPress post. Just follow the given instructions and get out from the Twice appearance of Featured Image in your WordPress post.

  • First, you can Login to your WordPress admin area.
  • Open the post which contains Duplicate featured image issue.
  • Check the featured image which is in the featured image box.
  • Now, search for the featured image in your WordPress visual post editor.
  • Next, delete the image from the visual editor.
  • Click on the update post button from that WordPress post.
  • Finally, view your updated post.

This updated post of your WordPress site can contain single featured image only. The Duplicate Featured image is eliminated from the post.

How to Avoid Featured Image Appearing Twice Issue in your WordPress Post?

If you want to set any featured image for your WordPress post, then you need to upload it into your WordPress database. When you set that uploaded image to your WordPress post, the database can be connected with your themes and displays that featured image automatically. Based on the WordPress theme the image can display on the WordPress post after publishing. If you change the theme then featured image may look skewed, stretched, and disproportionate. So before you install any theme to your WordPress, you need to know complete details about the theme for avoiding Duplicate Featured Image issue in WordPress Posts.

I think this post is one stop solution for your query. If you want additional data or any other information regarding Featured Image on your WordPress post keep visiting our site frequently.

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