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Fixing “Can’t delete a plugin” Error in WordPress


Fixing “Can’t delete a plugin” Error in WordPress

Every blogger knows that plugins are the main reason for the success of their WordPress Site. Actually, the plugin is a series of functions that gives additional functionalities to your WordPress website. If you need any additional features for your WordPress site, then you can simply install and activate the related plugin to your WordPress. If you want to uninstall any plugin you can do it easily. When you are unable to uninstall any plugin, then this Can’t delete a WordPress plugin error will arise. Have a look through the article to resolve this Can’t delete a plugin Error in WordPress.

How to Fix “Can’t delete a WordPress plugin” Error ?

The plugin installation and uninstallation is one of the easiest tasks in WordPress. To adapt more features for WordPress sites we use WordPress plugins. If this Can’t delete a WordPress plugin error occurs, you cannot uninstall plugins in your WordPress site. This error will create stress on your mind. But, it is easy to fix Can’t delete a plugin error in WordPress. Here we listed the reasons and easy ways to overcome this Won’t Delete Plugin Error in WordPress. Go through this article and solve your problem by using a simple method.

 Why ‘Won’t Delete a WordPress Plugin Error’ arise?

Some of the plugins have come with hidden and nested files. Because of these hidden files and nested files, you are unable to delete those plugins on your WordPress site. These hidden and nested files are the main reason for the occurrence of ‘Can’t delete a WordPress plugin Error‘.

Resolve ‘Can’t delete a plugin Error’ in WordPress

Even if you try to delete the plugin using WordPress admin area or using FTP the hidden and nested files won’t be deleted. So, the plugin which you deleted is still available on your WordPress. To fix this Won’t Delete WordPress Plugin Error quickly follow the given procedure. This is the easiest way to fix Can’t delete a plugin Error.

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Using SSH

If you have the access to your blog or site SSH then follow the given step by step process to fix this WordPress won’t delete a plugin Error.

  • First, you can Login to your site via SSH.
  • Use the given SSH command to navigate.
  • Next, type the given command to see all files and folders in the plugin folder.
1ls -al
  • Search for the particular plugin folder in the list.
  • Next, type the given command to delete that folder. In the command, replace the folder name with your plugin folder name which is you want to delete.
1rm folder name
  • Now, your plugin which you want to uninstall will be completely deleted and successfully uninstalled.
  • Finally, the ‘Can’t delete a WordPress plugin Error’ is resolved.

We hope this article put an end point for your WordPress core problem. Now, you have known how to uninstall a WordPress plugin which contains nested and hidden files. If you face any problem with WordPress then visit our site. Here we provide the easy and simple methods for solving WordPress Problems.

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