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Fix “This site contains harmful programs Error” in WordPress


Fix “This site contains harmful programs Error” in WordPress

Have you ever faced trouble with This site contains harmful programs error on your WordPress website? This error occurs when your WordPress site was hacked. Because of this hacking, Google marks your Website is insecure. Many users are unfamiliar with this big WordPress issue. So, we would like to give a brief introduction of this error. Have a look at the given article, to get rid of “This site contains harmful programs error”from your WordPress site.

How to Resolve This site contains harmful programs Error?

Fixing of “This site contains harmful programs” error is not an easy task for the WordPress users. Sometimes the error is still shown even though you fix the hack. So, you need to know reasons and resolving steps to overcome this harmful programs error.

Reasons for occurrence of “This Site Contains Harmful Programs Error”

Your WordPress website hacking is the main reason for the occurrence of harmful programs error. Google marked your website means your website contains suspicious code like malware or trojan. This code will spread itself from the infected site to visitors and can even spread to other sites. So, the Google can warn the visitors to be careful with your website.

Showing low-quality advertising network ads is another reason for the occurrence of “This site contains harmful programs issue” in WordPress site. Sometimes these networks can allow the ads from websites which are linked with the malicious code.

How to Find malicious code on your site?

Do you want to know whether your site contains malicious code or not? You have 2 ways to find malicious code on your WordPress site. Those are clearly described here. Take a look at it.

Using Plugins

There are many free and paid WordPress plugins available for finding the potentially malicious code in WordPress Site. Here we listed some plugins which are helpful for you to find malicious code easily.

Exploit Scanner

The Exploit Scanner is one of the free WordPress plugins for finding the malicious code in WordPress website. It can search all files and your WordPress database. This Exploit Scanner Plugin can check for the signs of malicious hackers. Sometimes, this plugin will return false positives. So, you have to verify that the code is really malicious code or not.

Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)

The Theme Authenticity Checker is another free plugin that scans all of your WordPress website theme files. Maximum hackers can inject links to themes. So, the Theme Authenticity Checker plugin can find the malicious and unwanted code from your WordPress site theme quickly.


The Sucuri is the Best plugin when compared to above 2 WordPress Plugins. It has basic free and paid versions. The Free version of Sucuri Plugin checks your WordPress site and provides the basic details of your site working. But the paid version of Sucuri Plugin automatically monitors your WordPress website against all threats of hackers. It regularly audits the activities of your WordPress site and maintains the track of your website. If anything goes wrong, then it can send alerts to you.  In addition to this, the Sucuri plugin provides malware cleanup service for better maintenance of your WordPress website.

Using Google safe browsing analysis tool

This is another way to find malicious code in WordPress site. Here we provide the step by step process for you. Have a look on it.

  • First of all, Open a new browser.
  • Enter the given URL address on the browser address bar.
  • Replace Domain Name with your WordPress Domain Name.
  • Now, the WordPress error details of your WordPress site will appear.

Resolve This site contains harmful programs Error

Fixing harmful programs error in WordPress is one of the complicated tasks. Before you start resolving, keep a complete backup of your WordPress website.

By using the above methods, you know the error details of your WordPress site. Now, you can remove the malware code from your WordPress Website. Sometimes, the malicious code is keep coming back until you remove the backdoor placed on your WordPress site.

The Backdoor is a way of remote access to your WordPres server without normal authentication. Finding that Backdoor is a difficult task more than finding the malware code from your site. The Backdoor could be unsafe file permissions, compromised password and cleverly disguised file. If you found and removed the backdoor from your site then you need to check again all files and database for any unwanted and malicious code.

Now, you know that finding and removing malicious code is difficult. So, use any one best WordPress plugin which can regularly monitor your WordPress site against hacking.

Remove Google Warning

If your website cleaning is completed then you have to send a request to Google for removing the warning from search results. For that, you need to use Google webmaster tools. If you have not added your WordPress site to the google webmaster tools then follow the given instructions. These instructions will be helpful for you to add your WordPress site in the webmaster tools.

How to add WordPress site to google webmaster tools ?

Google offers Webmaster tools for their publishers to know how their site is seen by the Google search engine. It provides reports on different pages and posts of your website. The webmaster tools show you the search queries on your website appears. It also notifies you when any problem arises such as stopping Google from indexing and crawling your website pages.

So, you have the necessity to add your WordPress site to the Google webmaster tools. Have a look at the given step by step process for adding your website to the Google webmaster tools easily.

Steps to Add WordPress site to google webmaster tools:

  • First, open Google Webmaster tools website.
  • Now, sign in with your google account.
  • Add your website URL.
  • Next, click on the add new site button.
  • A new web page will display for ownership verification.
  • Now, you can upload your website root directory HTML file using FTP or click on the alternative methods option for obtaining meta tag. You need to add this meta tag to your WordPress site. For obtaining meta tag easily, you have to install and activate the Insert Headers and Footers plugin to your WordPress site.
  • After you obtaining the meta tag, you need to copy it. The meta tag appears like this
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="VerificationKeyCode">
  • Now, click on the Settings tab.
  • Select Insert Headers and Footers option.
  • Paste the meta tag to the header field.
  • Save the changes.
  • Go to Google Webmaster tools website.
  • Next, click on the verify website button.
  • Now, you can verify your site.

Remove google warnings from your website:

If you are already added your website to the webmaster tools then follow the given instruction to remove google warnings from your site.

  • Go to Google Webmaster tools website.
  • Sign in with your google account.
  • Click on the security issues option.
  • The security issues in your WordPress site is listed here.
  • Click on the checkbox available at the web page.
  • Now, click on the request a review button.
  • Next, send a review request to google.
  • If your WordPress site does not have any security issues in Webmaster tools then follow the “report incorrect phishing warning” form.
  • In the Report incorrect phishing warning, you can enter your website URL.
  • Next, Enter your comment.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Report button.
  • Now, your request is sent to the google.
  • Next, Google can verify your website. If your WordPress site does not contain any unwanted and malicious code then removes the warning from your site.

In this simple way, you can fix “This site contains harmful programs error” easily. We hope this article will be helpful for you to remove malicious code from your WordPress site. Keep visiting our website to get simple solutions for your WordPress Server Errors also.

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