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Fix Errors on Moving WordPress from Sub Directory to Main Directory


Fix Errors on Moving WordPress from Sub Directory to Main Directory

Moving WordPress from one directory to the other is a difficult task for every site builder. Many errors will arise while shifting your WP application from subfolder to the main directory. Some of them are 500 internal server Error, Error establishing a database connection, 404 error e.t.c. I too faced these errors while moving my WordPress Application. By using some simple methods I have fixed those errors. Want to know those methods to fix errors on moving WordPress from Sub Directory to Root directory? Here you can get possible root causes and the optimal solutions for the errors.

How to Fix Errors on Moving WordPress ?

Before you Fix Issues on Moving WordPress from the Sub Directory to Main Directory,You have to know about the causes how they happen. Based on the reason, you can choose the appropriate solution for it. For giving a better guidance, Here we  provided you  the reasons and solutions list. So take a look at this.

Reasons and Solutions for Moving WordPress Errors


When you move WordPress from sub-directory to the main directory manually, some people keep the index.php file from public_html folder to root directory. Outside the public_html folder, it won’t work causing the error.

Do this: Copy all the files at once from the public_html folder and paste them in the directory.


Changing URL through general settings causes Errors on Moving WordPress along with the 404 not found error.

Do thisMaking changes in URL would not work. After proper migration, URL automatically changes. So the better solution is to avoid this process.


Many people maintain two WordPress applications in subdirectory and root directory while updating their website. After completion of the new site development, they move it to the root directory. If the files of old WordPress in root directory were not deleted perfectly, then both new and old WP files will mix up. This cause the Errors on Moving WordPress.

Do this: Before moving your new WordPress to the root directory, make sure all the files and folders of old WordPress were deleted.


Instead of moving the index.php file in the subdirectory, people move index.php file in the themes folder. Then also this Error will occur.

Do this: Instead of moving single file, do multiple file migration. This solves your problem.


When the same database is used for both old and new WordPress applications, error rises.

Do this: Create a new database for the new WordPress. Each WP application must have its own database. This will avoid the occurrence of Errors on Moving WordPress.


Many WP files can be imported and exported to the database. When Importing and Exporting Image files, Errors will occur.

Do thisThis is caused because of incorrect file permissions. Login to Cpanel. open file wp_content folder. There you can find uploads folder. Right-click on it and select file permissions.

change numeric value as 777 and select the radio button names apply to all directories.

if does not work, change number 777 to 644.


Every time when you upgrade your WordPress to a new version, a temporary .maintenance file will be created. After the upgrading, if you forget to delete this file, error rises.

Do thisLog in to your WP Cpanel and find root directory in the file manager. In the main directory, you can see a “.maintenance file”. Delete it to solve the error.

Most occurring Errors on Moving WordPress with solutions

Different kinds of errors appear during WordPress migration. Let us discuss those errors on WordPress from the subdirectory to the root directory.

  • Quick CSS code disappears.

sol: Back up the code from the database or use plugins to create another custom.css file. This may also happen if your theme gets collapsed. So, login to your site through FTP login. open wp_content.In that, select themes folder. Rename the folder .The default theme will be activated. Now customize your theme and set it to your page.

  • Page background disappears.

sol:  Disable all active plugins and set the background again. Always try to maintain a good backup. This will help you in retaining your lost data quickly.

  • White screen of death arises.

sol: White screen of death rises in many situations. But in accordance with the current topic, the error is due to the old plugins. So delete all your very old plugins. If this does not work, try disabling all the plugins.

  • Advanced settings disappear.

sol: clear your browser cache and reload . If you face the same problem even after deleting the browser history, do temporarily disable the plugins.

Hope this article helped you to solve errors on moving WoprdPress from subdirectory to the root directory. For more information about WordPress problems and their solutions, keep following our site.

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